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You are most welcome to KAWA Uganda where we provide information about the progress we are making in supporting schools in using ICT towards the innovative Education Skills Enhancement. The education sector is crucial for developing the human capital of our country to innovate and find solutions for sustained and equitable growth.

Moses Wamanga, KAWA Uganda National Chairman

KAWA is using the computers provided by the government in 1034 government Secondary schools in supporting Primary and Secondary schools to integrate appropriate ICTs through a wide variety of education projects that cover areas such as in-service teacher training through blended learning approach, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), the creation of local Digital Educational Content and development of teaching materials, as well as use of ICT for career guidance and efficiency in administration.

On this website, there is an eLearning platform popularly known as elearning Uganda that provides notes, videos and presentations to make learning easy for you anytime anywhere. Through this website, we believe not only teachers but even students, parents and any other person interested in career progress will benefit much more. KAWA is a team of inspired and motivated professionals focussing on improving the quality of Education through proper integration of technology in the teaching and learning process.

This is an e-Learning solution for learners and Educators. We have the best digital resources developed by the prominent teachers in the top performing schools and even students is shared by learners and educators in the Uganda.

The platform has been developed by the KAWA team with technical support of Makerere University Business School ICT Centre. This has become a priority because ICT holds a tremendous promise as an enabler of education growth and development. This acts as a repository for all our national classroom and educational activities.

Best Wishes,

Moses Wamanga

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