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Schools in Agago District

Agago District is bordered by Kitgum District to the north, Kotido District to the northeast, Abim District to the east, Otuke District, to the south, and Pader District to the west.


KAWA Activities in Agago District

KAWA activities in Agago District became a blessing to our work. Through the District Education Officer and the ASSHU chairman, KAWA was invited to Agago District in 2016. The team started by introducing the integration of ICT in teaching and learning to the Headteachers of Primary and Secondary Schools at Patongo Primary School. The Coordination Centre was established at St. Charles Lwanga Kalongo SS. Teacher professional Development and training continues in the district with the support of UCC and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

2020 Agago District UCE Results Breakdown

Division 1
% Pass
St. Francis High School, Kalongo
Patongo Seed SS
Ajalia SS
St. Charles Lwanga College, Kalongo
Adilang SS
Wol SS
Omot Seed SS

Secondary Schools in Agago District

Adilang Secondary School            

Agago High School          

Ajalia Secondary School

Akwang Secondary School           

Babra Rivera Memo. Secondary School                  

Lamiyo Seed Secondary School 

Laponi Seed Secondary School                  

Lira Palwo Secondary School      

Omiya Pacwa Secondary School         

Omot Seed Secondary School    

Patongo Home Base Secondary School

Patongo Secondary School

St. Charles Lwanga College Kalongo                       

St. Francis High School                  

Victoria Secondary School                           

Wol Senior Secondary School              

   Primary Schools in Agago District

ADILANG KULAKA P.S Government 776926744 Adilang Kulaka
NAM ABILI P.S Government 773635792 Adilang Kulaka
OKEDE P.S Government   Adilang Kulaka
LACEKOTO P.S Government 773638844 Adilang Labwa
ADILANG LALAL P.S Government 774528485 Adilang Lalal
AJWA P.7 SCHOOL Government 774208875 Adilang lapyem
ODOM P.S Government 782877282 Adilang lapyem
CIGACIGA P.S Government 774014963 Adilang Ngekidi
KILOKOITIO P.S Government 775174909 Adilang Ngekidi
KANYIPA P.S Government 784779276 Adilang Orina
ORINA P.7 SCHOOL Government 773273791 Adilang Orina
NGORA P.S Government 777365067 Agago T.C Ngora
ACHOL PII LAPONO P.S Government 778885528 Arum Acholi- Pii
ATENGE P.S Government 787074398 Arum Acholi- Pii
AGELEC P.S Government 777983334 Arum Agelec
OMOT P.S Government 774578035 Arum Agelec
AYIKA P.S Government 777778019 Arum Alela
ARUM P.S Government 7825601107 Arum Kazikazi
KAZIKAZI P.S Government 772979101 Arum Kazikazi
OKWENY P.S Government 782827204 Arum Kazikazi
KOT OMOR P.6 SCHOOL Government 782687550 Kotomor Apobo
ODOKOMIT P.S Government 774971184 Kotomor Lokee
OGONG P.S Government 775918446 Kotomor Ogong
OLYELO WIDYEL P.S Government 773281244 Kotomor Olyelo Widyel
OMATOWEE P.S Government 783251130 Kotomor Omatowee
ONUDO APET P.7 SCHOOL Government 777674008 Kotomor Omatowee
LAMIYO P.S Government 782141110 Lamiyo Ojur
ALYEK P.S Government 782493799 Lamiyo Otaka
PAICAM AYWEE P.S Government 784836136 Lamiyo Otaka
KWON-KIC P.S Government 782483534 Lamiyo Paicam
ABONE P.7 SCHOOL Government 772846529 Lamiyo Polcani
AMYEL P.7 SCHOOL Government 782531802 Lapono Amyel
ACURU P.7 SCHOOL Government 782568405 Lira-Palwo Ademi
ALWEE P.S Government 774079389 Lira-Palwo Ademi
OBOLOKOME P.S Government 785640138 Lira-Palwo Agengo
KITENY P.S Government 779945330 Lira-Palwo Kiteny
LUZIRA P.7 SCHOOL Government 787074394 Lira-Palwo Kiteny
AJALI ANYENA P.S Government 781042655 Lira-Palwo Ladere
AJALI ATEDE P.S Government 773435543 Lira-Palwo Ladere
LADERE P.S Government 774208875 Lira-Palwo Ladere
WIMUNUPECEK P.S Government 773824599 Lira-Palwo Lanyirinyiri
AGWENG P.S Government 781068943 Lira-Palwo Lotome
WIDWOL P.S Government 772974479 Lira-Palwo Ngudi
LANGOLANGOLA P.S Government 787326178 Lira-Palwo Ngwero
LAPIRIN P.7 SCHOOL Government 787074394 Lira-Palwo Ngwero
OLUNG P.7 SCHOOL Government 774848962 Lira-Palwo Olung
BIWANG P.S Government 785411944 Lira-Palwo Omongo
LACEK P.S Government 773222102 Lira-Palwo Omongo
LIRA PALWO P.S Government 773225561 Lira-Palwo Omongo
AJALI LAJWAR P.S Government 774200522 Lira-Palwo Otumpili
AWONODWE P.S Government 774164915 Lokole Awonodwe
OKOL P.S Government 777671672 Lokole Awonodwe
WANGLOBO P.S Government 782820466 Lokole Latinling
GEREGERE P.S Government 782673973 Lokole Tenge
OLUPE P.S Government 783039703 Lokole Tenge
LABIMA PARENTS P.S Government 782877186 Omiya Pacwa Lakwa
OMIYA PACWA P.S Government 774992625 Omiya Pacwa Lakwa
ATECE P.7 SCHOOL Government 772530781 Omot Atece
ARUMUDWONG P.7 SCHOOL Government 783144565 Omot Kal
OPYELO P.7 SCHOOL Government 774411550 Omot Kal
PATONG APANO P.S Government 774885516 Omot Kal
BAROTIBA P.7 SCHOOL Government 777803290 Omot Lakwa
OYERE P.7 SCHOOL Government 773446197 Omot Odongiwinyo
PAKOR P.S Government 7877126308 Parabongo Parumu
PATONGO P.7 P.S Government 782591623 Patongo Forest
MOO DEGE P.S Government 773446197 Patongo Oporot

121 Acholi-Nyek Parents’ Sch Agago Lira-Palwo
122 Agrikasa PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omot
123 Akuri PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
124 Aloi Parents’ PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omot
125 Alungar Parents’ School Agago Lokole
126 Alwar PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Adilang
127 Atanga Parents’ PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol
128 Bar Munu PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lokole
129 Coo Odong PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omiya Pacwa
130 Dr. Bishop Purkweri PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo
131 Excel PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lamiyo
132 Good Foundation PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo Town Council
133 Good Future PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lira-Palwo
134 Good Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lira-Palwo
135 Good Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lamiyo
136 Good Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Arum
137 Hilltop PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
138 Holy Christ PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol
139 Jaii Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol

140 Kalaki PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol
141 Kiteny PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lira-Palwo
142 Labworomor Piki PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omiya Pacwa
143 Lacic Parent’s School Agago Lapono
144 Lacing Parents School Agago Lokole
145 Lagar Parents’ School Agago Lapono
146 Laminonyula PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lamiyo
147 Lamoo Masai Parents’ School Agago Wol
148 Lapere Parent PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
149 Lapwomo Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Parabongo
150 Layugi Parent PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
151 Lilly’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omot
152 Locken PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omiya Pacwa
153 Maama Bruna PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo
154 Maama Gloria PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omot
155 Ngora Odokomit PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Paimol
156 Oburgulu PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
157 Okol Young Star PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Omot
158 Olek – Wire Parents’ School Agago Wol
159 Omuku PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Adilang
160 Opidolobo PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Kotomor
161 Orama Parents’ School Agago Omot
162 Otek Parents’ PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Kotomor
163 Paica PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Arum
164 Pambala P.7 PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo
165 Pampara PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Agago Town Council
166 Panyagol PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol
167 Pope Francis PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo Town Council
168 Rogo Odomit Parents’ School Agago Wol
169 Sr. Yeko Odur Junior School Agago Omot
170 St. Bhakita PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lokole
171 St. Charles Lwanga College Kalongo Agago Kalongo Town Council
172 St. Mary’s Atene PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Wol
173 Sunrise PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Patongo
174 Te-Kato PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lapono
175 Tori Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lira-Palwo
176 Wanglobo PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lokole
177 Wilyec PRIMARY SCHOOL Agago Lokole

Nursery and Kindergarten Schools in Agago District

  1. Alwee Nursery School
  2. Amyel Nursery School
  3. Amyel Nursery School
  4. Au-vision Nursery School
  5. Au-vision Nursery School
  6. Christ The King Nursery School
  7. Christ The King Nursery School
  8. Comboni Nursery School
  9. Comboni Nursery School
  10. Dr. Ambrosoli Nursery School
  11. Dr. Ambrosoli Nursery School
  12. Excel Nursery School
  13. Excel Nursery School
  14. Holy Christ Nursery School
  15. Holy Christ Nursery School
  16. Kaket Modern Nursery School
  17. Kaket Modern Nursery School
  18. King’s Way Kindergarten Nursery School
  19. King’s Way Kindergarten Nursery School
  20. Kwonkic Nursery School
  21. Lamiyo Nursery School
  22. Lira Palwo Community Nursery School
  23. Little Angel Nursery & Daycare
  24. Mama Gloria Kindergarten Nursery School
  25. Mother Florence Nursery School
  26. New Jerusalem Nursery School
  27. Nicholas Opio Nursery School
  28. Nimaro Nursery School
  29. Okol Young Star Nursery School
  30. Pader Interchurch Alliance
  31. Paimol Parents Nursery School
  32. Paorinher Nursery School
  33. Patrick Ogwal Memorial Nursery School
  34. Pope Francis Nursery School
  35. St. Janan Luwum Arum Nursery School
  36. St. Janan Nursery School
  37. St. Joseph Nursery School
  38. St. Luke Nursery School
  39. St. Mark Bright Light C/u Nursery School
  40. Sun Rise Nursery School
  41. Toroma Nursery School
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