Our team 
Mr. Wamanga Moses is a successful author, Senior teacher and Head of Computer Studies Department at Jinja Senior Secondary School. He served as Head of political Education Department at St. Mary’s College Kisubi with excellent results, having spent 3 years of intensive teaching at Nabumali High School. As a Master teacher and member of the International Education Resource Network (USA), he has a wealth of practical experience and a solid understanding of Business Management and use of ICT for Education. He has designed and conducted various workshops on how ICT can be effectively applied to yield a positive impact on the society. He is currently a personal Empowerment Advocate, Trainer in Adobe Programs and Chairman of KAWA.
Mr. Matsanga Peter is an author, teacher and Head of geography Department at St Mary’s College Kisubi. He is also an International text book evaluation consultant and a member of the National Curriculum Development Centre Geography Panel that develops the curriculum and the teaching syllabus for the same subject. He has both theoretical and practical experience in different aspects of Geography at all educational levels that has enabled him to conduct workshops for both students and teachers throughout the country. He is currently the Director of Editorial Department at KAWA.
Mr. Odong Apalokwang is an experienced teacher with rare qualities in teaching since 1999 and has taught in many schools in the country. He scored the honour of being the best Uganda’s A’ level teacher 2009 (see Sunday Vision March 01, 2009.) He is currently enjoying teaching service at Trinity College Nabbingo “the industry of all round education” where serves as Head of History Department. He is a successful author of various History and CRE books such as Comprehensive Analysis of Modern History of Europe (2010), A manifestation of African Nationalism, Amalgamated History of East and South African History, Amalgamated History of East and West African History. Apart from being Secretary General and Head of marketing department at KAWA, he also pursing a Masters Degree in Ethics at Makerere University.
Mr. Kenneth Katonda is an Author, senior teacher and Head of History Department at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. He also scored the Honour of being the best Uganda’s History teacher 2009 (see Sunday Vision March 01, 2009.) He is an intelligent; naturally motivated multi talented educationist speacializing in quality teaching of both history and Geography and has also served on National Panels of Text book Evaluation and Curriculum Development. Apart from serving as a Senior Editor at KAWA, he also pursuing a Masters Degree in Education Administration at Makerere University.
Ann Matsanga (Mrs.) is a specialist in Career Guidance and Counseling. Serving students at all levels to discover their potential and to make right choices in the subjects taken to make fruitful gain in their education. She holds a Diploma in Hotel Management, a diploma in Guidance and Counseling and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Guidance and counseling at Nkumba University.
Ms. Fridah Nabahwana, is a successful author, Senior CRE teacher and Warden of Girls Hostel at Jinja Secondary School. She is a member of the Guidance and Counseling team targeting the girl child to remain in school and complete a cycle of education. Her services have helped in reducing the dropout rate in rural secondary schools. Apart from serving at KAWA as an editor and member of production team, she is pursuing a Masters Degree in Education Administration at Kampala International University.
Dr. Sylvester Rwaka Adyeri is Senior Lecturer and Dean, school of Education, Mountains of the Moon University. He is the director of Continuous Professional Development and Outreach ICT in Education Consultant who has accumulated practical experience in applying ICT for Education.

Mr. Wananda Job is an accountant and business developer who serves as the Head of Finance and Administration department at KAWA. He worked with Uganda Bureau of Statistics and Uganda Revenue Authority as a Systems Development Officer where he accumulated practical experience in applying ICT Development skills in various computer applications for individual and corporate affairs. He has keen interest in IT Dynamics including Strategic Management, Systems Auditing, Engineering, Security and Database Management and Website designing. He has also designed and administered a tele-centre that avails KAWA online books accessible to the communities with internet facilities.

Mr. Kharende Isaac is a teacher by training and Pastor of the SDA Church. He was a formerly a Headmaster of Kakoro SDA Secondary School, Chaplain Kireka SDA, Mubende Light and Light College Bulenga. He holds a Bachelor of theology and a post graduate diploma in education from Makerere University. He has over 12 years experience as Marketing Officer with Home and Education Centre. He is currently serving as an Assistant Director of marketing and Sales Department at KAWA responsible for direct sales to parents, students and schools.