Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

ICT Club Activities

  • Participate in ICT lab and equipment maintenance
  • Hold regular study discussions in ICT and Computer studies
  • Regularly share your activities with the school at assembly, school notice board, etc.
  • Identify resourceful websites for studies in all subjects make it available to other students
  • Create a website, blog or word press on which to share club activities
  • Initiate and participate in problem-solving project(s) like coding, games, etc.
  • Use obsolete computers and accessories by turning them into device identification platforms.
  • Create a website, blog or a word press for a specific objective like a school news website.
  • Do pictorial display of school activities on school notice board, website, etc
  • Have an online conferencing with students, teachers or other resourceful persons.
  • Invite a resource person to talk to and inspire students on the value of lCT for their career, etc.
  • Design certificates for clubs etc
  • Design brochures and pamphlets for your school.
  • Support other clubs with use of ICT to meet their objectives.
  • Record school events on video
  • Project Ideas for Clubs
  • Creating digital instructional material for learning
  • Creating a blog, word press or website to share your learning outcomes in geography, history, etc.
  • Creating a youtube channel for the club
  • Producing skit  videos for learning purposes.
  • Creating an anthology in literature mm poetry, short stories, fables etc
  • Creating of apps for solving real life problems
  • Present a well-researched community issue to your Member of Parliament
  • Labeling flora in the school with their common and scientific names.
  • Compile a well-researched study of the history of the local community you live in
  • Make a geographical study of your locality
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