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Uganda’s Top Performing Schools with highest number of 4 in 4 in PLE 2023

The landscape of academic excellence in Uganda has been vividly illustrated in the recently released Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results of 2023. We have witnessed a remarkable display of scholastic achievement, particularly from Hormisdallen Primary School, Gayaza, which has set a new benchmark in educational prowess.

A New Apex of Achievement: Hormisdallen Primary School, Gayaza Leads the Way

Hormisdallen Primary School, Gayaza, emerged as the beacon of academic excellence with a staggering 68 candidates scoring an Aggregate 4, a feat that translates to Distinction One in each subject – English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. This is not just a number; it’s a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence.

Hormisdallen Day School, Kampala: A Close Contender

In a close second place, Hormisdallen Day School, Kampala, showcased its educational strength with 34 candidates achieving the same laudable Aggregate 4. This reflects the school’s dedication to maintaining high academic standards.

Other Schools Making Remarkable Strides

The brilliance was not limited to these two institutions. Several other schools across Uganda have demonstrated outstanding performance, including:

Yudesi Primary School, Kampala (21 candidates),
St. Marcelino Junior School, Nansana (21 Candidates),
Mother Majeri Primary School, Kira (20 candidates),
El-Shaddai Primary School, Gulu City (19 candidates),
Global Junior School, Mukono (15 candidates),
Nkokonjeru Primary School, Mbale City (13 candidates),
Victorious Primary School, Mukono (13 candidates),
Namagunga Primary School, Mukono (12 Candidates),
Seeta Junior School, Mbalala-Mukono (12 Candidates),
St. Noa Junior Boarding School, Zana- Makindye Ssabagabo (11 candidates),
Kabojja Junior Primary School, Kampala (10 candidates),
Namiryango Junior Boys Primary School, Mukono (10 Candidates),
Hillside Primary School, Kira (7 Candidates),
Kampala Parents School (5 Candidates).
A Glimpse at the National Picture

At the national level, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) reported a registration of 749,254 candidates from 15,859 schools for the PLE in 2023, a slight decline from 832,654 in 2022.

In a significant revelation, Hillside Primary School, Kira, outshone others with 99 pupils scoring Aggregate 4, followed by Hormisdallen Day School, Kampala (46), Mother Majeri Primary School, Kira (38), and Hormisdallen Primary School, Gayaza with 35 candidates.

Towards a Future Free of Malpractices

Amidst these successes, UNEB has emphasized the need for a specialized court to address examination malpractices. The new Board Chairperson, Professor Celestino Obua, highlighted the challenges in the current system, including high costs and delays in case handling. He advocates for a specialized court dedicated to these cases, ensuring more effective and expedited resolutions.

The PLE results of 2023 are not just numbers; they represent the dreams, hard work, and potential of Uganda’s future. The schools that have excelled set an inspiring example for others to follow. As we celebrate these achievements, we also acknowledge the ongoing efforts to uphold the integrity of Uganda’s education system. The future looks bright for Uganda’s young scholars, and the nation’s commitment to academic excellence and fairness in assessments shines through these results.

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