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Schools in Budaka District


Budaka District is a district in Eastern Uganda. It is named after Budaka, its ‘chief town’, where the district headquarters are located.
Budaka district is bordered by Pallisa District to the north, Mbale District to the east, Butaleja District to the south and Kibuku District to the west. Budaka, where the district headquarters are located, lies approximately 36 kilometres (22 mi), by road, west of Mbale, the largest city in the sub-region. The coordinates of the district are:01 00N, 33 54E.
The district was created by Act of Parliament and became operational on 01 July 2005. Formerly part of Pallisa District, Budaka District was created out of the former Budaka County. It consists of the following seven (7) sub-counties:

  1. Budaka Sub-County
  2. Iki-Iki Sub-County
  3. Naboa Sub-County
  4. Lyama Sub-County
  5. Kaderuna Sub-County
  6. Kamonkoli Sub-County
  7. Kameruka Sub-County

It has one town council, Budaka. The district covers a total area of 384 square kilometres (148 sq mi). It lies at an altitude between 910 metres (2,990 ft) and 1,220 metres (4,000 ft) above sea level. Budaka attained District Status in 2005, having been part of Pallisa District before that. The district is densely populated and as of 2002, has an average population density of over 372 persons per km2. As of 2010 it was estimated that the population density in the district had increased to over 764 persons per square kilometer.

  1. Budaka Secondary SchoolO.Box 1342, BudakaTel: 078241909Partnership UNEB: U0702  Mixed, Partly Boarding, USE School
  2. Budaka Universal CollegeO.Box… BudakaTel: Partnership UNEB No: U2033  USE School
  3. Bugwere High School NamirembeO.Box 1618 MbaleTel: 07728838969 Government Aided UNEB No: U0105 Level A’ Level Mixed, Boarding, Non-Use school
  4. Iki-Iki High SchoolO.Box 1263, BudakaTel: 0772414613 Private UNEB No: U2227  Non-Use School
  5. Iki-Iki Secondary SchoolO. Box Tel: 0772523014Government Aided UNEB No: U0255  A’level USE School
  6. Kaderuna Secondary SchoolO.Box …. BuadakaTel: Government Aided UNEB No: U0820 USE School
  7. Kamonkoli Colleg KamonkoliO.Box……… MbaleTel:Government Aided UNEB No: U0317 Level A’level Mixed Boarding, Non-Use School
  8. Naboa Secondary SchoolO.Box ………MbaleTel: 0454437204Government Aided UNEB No: U0596  O’level USE School Day
  9. Rainbow High School, BudakaO.Box …….BudakaTel: 0772527093Partnership UNEB No: U1476  USE School
  10. Bugwere King’s Secondary School
  11. Kaderuna Secondary Schools.
  12. Kameruka Seed Secondary School
  13. Katira Parents Secondary Schools
  14. Lyama Seed Secondary School
  15. View Advent College, Kamonkoli
  16. Mugiti High School
  17. Ngoma Secondary School
  18. Royal Secondary School
  19. Clare Girls’ High School, Budaka

Top Schools in Budaka District 2020 UCE Results

In Budaka District UCE 2020 Examinations Results, Royal SS, Budaka emerged the top secondary school with 33.33% pass rate from 15 candidates who sat the exams. The second place with 33.33% pass rate is Ngoma SS, Mbale. Rainbow High School, Budaka took position 3 to seal the top three best schools in Budaka district in the just concluded 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education UCE exams.

Top Schools in Budaka District 2020 UCE Results

Kamonkol College 8.87%, Bugwere Kings SS 8.82%, Budaka Universal College 8%, St. Clare Girls’ High School, Pallisa 5.00%, Bugwere High School, Namirembe 4.59%, Mugiti High School, Budaka 3.70% and Lyama Seed SS 3.42%


Top Schools in Budaka District 2020 UCE Examinations Results

This list of top schools in Budaka District was generated by ranking the percentage pass rate obtained from the percentage of candidates who scored division one in each school. Royal SS, Budaka 33.33%, Ngoma SS, Mbale 20.57%, Rainbow High School, Budaka 14.91%, Kamonkol College 8.87%, Bugwere Kings SS 8.82%, Budaka Universal College 8%, St. Clare Girls’ High School, Pallisa 5.00%, Bugwere High School, Namirembe 4.59%, Mugiti High School, Budaka 3.70% andLyama Seed SS 3.42%

Division 1
% Pass
Royal SS, Budaka
Ngoma SS, Mbale
Rainbow High School, Budaka
Kamonkol College
Bugwere Kings SS
Budaka Universal College
St. Clare Girls’ High School, Pallisa
Bugwere High School, Namirembe
Mugiti High School, Budaka
Lyama Seed SS

Primary Schools in Budaka District

Advent Junior Academy
Ajacan PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Albayan Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
Alliance PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Aqram PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Benaa PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kabuna
Blessed PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Bright Angel Primary School
Bright Angel PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka
Bright Future PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Bright Future PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Bright Light Junior School Budaka Iki-Iki
Bright Star PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Budaka Family Helper Project
Budaka Grammer PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Budaka Intergrated PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Budaka Primary School
Bugolya Primary School
Bugoola Primary School
Bugwere Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakoli
Bulalaka PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
Bulangira Primary School
Bulumba Primary School
Bulumba PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Nansanga
Bumba Foundation PRIMARY SCHOOL Iki-Iki Budaka Iki-Iki
Bumba Foundation PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Bunamwera Primary School
Bunamwera PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Bupuchai Primary School
Butove Primary School
Bwaise Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Bwibere Primary School
Canan PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Chaali Parents School Budaka Budaka
Christ Junior School Budaka Kameruka
Citizens PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Constant Bright PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Cornerstone Primary School
Destiny Junior School Budaka Kachomo
Dickens Junior School Budaka Kamonkoli
Divine Grace PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Enock Primary School
Fahamwa PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakoli
Faith Educational Centre Budaka Mugiti
Gadumire Primary School
Genesis PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Gift Academy Budaka Lyama
Giving Hope Primary School
Giving Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Tademeri
God’s Glory PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
God’s View PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka
God’s Wil PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
God’s Will Junior School Budaka Mugiti
Goodcare PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Lyama
Goodwill Infant School
Goodwill Infant School Budaka Kamonkoli
Grace Infant School
Grace Infant School Budaka Kadimukoli
Greenview Junior School Budaka Naboa
Hadijja Islamic Junior School Budaka Katira
Hands Of Grace Junior School Budaka Kakoli
Happy Times PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Heart Of Grace PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Hid Infant School Budaka Katira
High Light Junior School Budaka Naboa
Highway PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Hillside Junior School
Holy Trinity PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
Homeland Shool Of Infants Budaka Iki-Iki
Hope Hill Junior School Budaka Kakule
Hope Land Education Centre Budaka Lyama
Hope Of Glory International PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kabuna
Hopeview PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kameruka
Hudah Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
Ibad Al-Rahman PRIMARY SCHOOL Quran M.C Budaka Kadimukoli
Idudi Primary School
Iki Iki Township
Iki-iki Intergrated Primary School
IsometricPrimary School Budaka Kamonkoli
Jami Primary School
Joy Blessed Primary School
Joy Memorial Junior School Budaka Kameruka
Joy PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Joyce PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kadimukoli
k.f Primary School
Kabuna Primary School
Kachoma Highway PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Kachomo High Way Primary School
Kachomo Primary School
Kadatumi Primary School
Kadenge Primary School
Kaderuna Primary School
Kadimukoli Primary School
Kakoli Primary School
Kakule Jolly Primary School
Kakule Jolly PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakule
Kakule Primary School
Kameruka Primary School
Kamonkoli Junior School Budaka Kamonkoli
Kamonkoli Mixed Primary School
Kamonkoli Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Kamonkoli Primary School
Kamonkoli PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Kapalukuchu New Nursery & Primary School
Kaperi Primary School
Kapulukuchu New PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kadimukoli
Karen Junior School Budaka Kadimukoli
Kasuleta Primary School
Katido Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kameruka
Katira Primary School
Kavule Deaf Unit
Kavule Parents Sch For The Deaf Budaka Kakoli
Kavule PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Kebula Primary School
Kerekerene Primary School
Kings PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kameruka
Kiryolo Primary School
Kodiri Primary School
Kotinyanga Primary School
Kyali Primary School
Lake View PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Lyama
Legacy PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka
Lerya Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kameruka
Lerya Primary School
Life Academy Budaka Kameruka
Light Future Academy PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Light Junior School Budaka Kachomo
Linghole Primary School
Linghole PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Lyama
Little Dove PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
Little Stars Primary School
Little Stars PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Lupada Primary School
Lupada Trinity PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
Lyama Islamic Budaka Lyama
Lyama Parents Junior School Budaka Lyama
Macholi PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Madarasatul Twalha Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Marilliam Standard PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
Mary Kevin PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kadimukoli
Matra PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Nansanga
Messianic Child Care PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Mivule Primary School
Mivule PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Mkf PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Moon Light PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Moonlight Primary School
Moonlight PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
Mother Care PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Mugiti
Mugiti Primary School
Mwalim Kheirislamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Nabiketo Primary School
Naboa Foundation PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
Naboa Parents Primary School
Naboa Primary School
Nabugalo Junior Academy Budaka Kameruka
Nabugalo Parents Budaka Kameruka
Nakisenye Primary School
Namengo Boys’ Primary School
Namengo Girls’ Primary School
Namirembe Model PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
Namirembe Primary School
Namusita Primary School
Namuyago Primary School
Nangeye Primary School
Nansanga Primary School
Nanzala Primary School
Naugholi Primary School
Naungholi PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
New Jerusalem PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
New Life Junior School
New Life Junior School Budaka Kadimukoli
Nyanza I Primary School
Nyanza Ii Primary School
Overcomer Sne Junior School Budaka Mugiti
Oxford Christian PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Peace Day & Boarding PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Pearl Junior School Budaka Iki-Iki
Peter Primary School – Nalubembe
Petete Community PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
Praise PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Quality PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakule
Real Parents School Budaka Kaderuna
Revival Primary School
Revival PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Royal Primary School
Royal PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Royal PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kamonkoli
Ruhanga Children’s Divine PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka
Saint Daniel PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kabuna
Saint Karoli Primary School
Sapiri Primary School
Sekulo Primary School
Shining Star Malaba Community PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakule
Siriverio PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakule
St Gyaviira PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Lyama
St Jude PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakule
St Mary’s Junior School
St. Emma V. PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
St. Emma Valley PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
St. Mary’s Junior School Budaka Kadimukoli
St. Mary’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
St. Paul PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kakoli
St. Peter’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Nalubembe Budaka Lyama
St. Ruth Junior School Budaka Kachomo
St. Tadeo PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kadimukoli
St.Chris PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kadimukoli
St.Enock PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
St.Mary’s Junior School,Kositi Budaka Kamonkoli
Standard Care
Standard Care Budaka Kameruka
Step By Step PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Suni Primary School
Sunrise Christian School Budaka Katira
Sunrise PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Tadeo Primary School
Takuwa Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna
Tangholi PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Budaka Town Council
Taqwa PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Nansanga
Ten Steps PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Top Care Primary School
Top Care PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Iki-Iki
Townside Parents School Budaka Budaka Town Council
Trio Needy Information Care And Edu Cbudaka Budaka Town Council
Tusubira PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Katira
Up-Hill PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kachomo
Victory PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kabuna
Vision Academy Namirembe Budaka Iki-Iki
Wairagala Primary School
Wairagala PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Tademeri
Winners PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Naboa
Wisdom Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Budaka Kaderuna

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