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Top Schools in Alebtong District 2020 UCE Results

About Alebtong District

Alebtong District is bordered by Otuke District to the north, Amuria District to the east, Dokolo District to the south and Lira District to the west. The district headquarters at Alebtong, is located approximately 48 kilometres (30 mi), by road, east of Lira, the largest city in the sub-region. 

This location lies approximately 285 kilometers (177 mi), by road, north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

KAWA team started training district leaders, head]teachers and teachers in the District in 2016. The programs are meant to continue in Primary and Secondary Schools.


 Secondary Schools in Alebtong District

 Akii Bua Comprehensive School

 Akura Seed Secondary School

 Alebtong Comprehensive Secondary

 Aloi Secondary School

 Amugu Secondary School

 Apala Secondary School

 Awei Seed Secondary School

 Fatima Aloi Comprehensive Girl Secondary School

 Greenland High School

Omoro Secondary School

 St. Theresa Girls Secondary School

 The Olive Branch College



2020 Alebtong District UCE Results Breakdown

Rank School Division 1 Candidates % Pass
1 Amugu SS 12 126 9.52%
2 Alebtong Comprensive SS 1 25 4.00%
3 Apala SS 2 90 2.22%
4 Fatima Aloi Comprehensive Girls’ SS 1 54 1.85%
5 Aloi SS 1 79 1.27%
6 Akii Bua SS 0 150 0%
7 St. Theresa Girls SS, Alanyi 0 24 0.00%

Primary Schools in Alebtong District

Alebtong Primary School
Alela Modern Primary School
Alela Primary School
Alira Primary School
Alirra Good Hope Primary School
Aloi High Primary School
Aloi Parent’s Primary School
Alolololo Primary School
Aminagoa Primary School
Amononeno P.7 School
Amugu Primary School
Amugu Quran Primary School
Amura Primary School
Anara Primary School
Angem Primary School
Angetta Primary School
Angicakide P.7 School
Angoltok Primary School
Angopet Primary School
Anwata Primary School
Apala Primary School
Apami Primary School
Apeltun Primary School
Apoicen Primary School
Aput Primary School
Arwot Primary School
Atelelo Primary School
Atingtwoo Community Primary School
Awali Primary School
Awalu Primary School
Awei Junior Primary School
Aweki Paro Comprehensive Primary School
Awelokuricok Primary School
Awiny Primary School
Awiny-oru P.7 School
Ayaa Primary School
B-a Public Primary School
Bardago Primary School
Baropiro Primary School
Baya Primary School
Blessed Hope Primary School
Bright Junior Primary School
Caaerol Primary School
Dembe Primary School
Ebule Primary School
Fatima Aloi Demonstration School
For God Nursery & Primary School
Glory Primary School
Great Valley School
Hillstar Primary School
Hillstar Primary School
Hilltop Primary School
Iyama Primary School
Kakira Primary School
Kem Nursery & Primary School
King David Primary School
Lela Opuk Community Primary School
Mother Care Primary School
New Change Primary School
New Life Primary School
New Rock Primary School
Obangangeo Primary School
Obile P.7 School
Obim P.7 School
Oboo Primary School
Obuo P.7 School
Ocabu Primary School
Ogengo Primary School
Ogogong Primary School
Ogogoro Primary School
Ojul Primary School
Okokolako Primary School
Okurango Primary School
Okuro Primary School
Okut Primary School
Olech Primary School
Oloo Modern Primary School
Oloo Primary School
Oloro High Primary School
Omarari Primary School
Omele Modern Primary School
Omoro Central Primary School
Omoro North Primary School
Omoro South Primary School
Orupo Parents Primary School
Oteno Community Based Primary School
Otoirio Day & Boarding Primary School
Owalo Primary School
Oyengolwedo Primary School
Rock View Integrated Primary School
St Francis Primary School
St Hellen Primary School
St Mark Junior School
St. Andrew Primary School
St. Anne Elementary School
St. Peters Foundation Primary School
Te-lela P.7 School
Te-ongora Primary School
Tekulo Primary School
Tyengar Primary School

178         Abako Baptist PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Awei     

179         Abako Junior School        Alebtong             Awei     

180         Abc PRIMARY SCHOOL   Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

181         Aberidwogo Community PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Abia      

182         Abwoc PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Abia      

183         Acekene PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Akura   

184         Adagobal PRIMARY SCHOOL        Alebtong             Amugu

185         Adupa Community PRIMARY SCHOOL     Alebtong             Aloi       

186         Ajuri Central PRIMARY SCHOOL  Alebtong             Abako  

187         Akicim Parents’ School   Alebtong             Amugu

188         Akisim PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Amugu

189         Akuki PRIMARY SCHOOL                Alebtong             Apala    

190         Akura Baptist PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Akura   

191         Akura Central PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Akura   

192         Akura Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Akura   

193         Alaka Memorial PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Akura   

194         Alebtong Atidi   Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

195         Alebtong Central PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

196         Alira Good Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Akura   

197         Aloi Parents        Alebtong             Aloi       

198         Alomam PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Apala    

199         Aminagoa PRIMARY SCHOOL       Alebtong             Abako  

200         Aminagoa Sub Grade Sch              Alebtong             Abako  

201         Amingoa Community PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Abako  

202         Amugu Quran PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Amugu

203         Angopet PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Omoro 

204         Apado Junior PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Apala    

205         Aparango PRIMARY SCHOOL       Alebtong             Aloi       

206         Apeltun PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Omoro 

207         Apoicen PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Aloi       

208         Aput PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Amugu

209         Atali Alpha PRIMARY SCHOOL     Alebtong             Amugu

210         Atingtwoo Comm. PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Akura   

211         Awalu PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Amugu

212         Awaro PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Amugu

213         Awei Campus PRIMARY SCHOOL                Alebtong             Awei     

214         Awei Junior PRIMARY SCHOOL   Alebtong             Awei     

215         Aweki Paro Comp             Alebtong             Abako  

216         Barolimo Com PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Apala    

217         Baya PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Omoro 

218         Berea PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Akura   

219         Bishop Acur Junior School             Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

220         Bishop Franzelli PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Akura   

221         Blessed Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Aloi       

222         Blessed Stone PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Aloi       

223         Bright Junior PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

224         Bright Morning Stars PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Akura   

225         Bright Star PRIMARY SCHOOL     Alebtong             Awei     

226         Christ The King PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Abako  

227         Cornerstone PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Abako  

228         Dembe PRIMARY SCHOOL            Alebtong             Abako  

229         Ebule Modern PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Amugu

230         Fairland PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Abako  

231         For God PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Apala    

232         Fountain PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Omoro 

233         Functional PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Abia      

234         Good Life PRIMARY SCHOOL       Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

235         Great Valley PRIMARY SCHOOL  Alebtong             Aloi       

236         Green Field PRIMARY SCHOOL    Alebtong             Amugu

237         Green Valley Progressive PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Aloi       

238         Hill Star PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Aloi       

239         Hillstar PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Amugu

240         Hilltop PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Akura   

241         Holy Kids PRIMARY SCHOOL        Alebtong             Amugu

242         Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Alebtong Town Council

243         Iceda Good Hope             Alebtong             Abako  

244         Jalama Junior School       Alebtong             Abako  

245         Kem PRIMARY SCHOOL  Alebtong             Amugu

246         King David PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Awei     

247         Lela Opuk Modern PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Apala    

248         Mama Hope Christian School      Alebtong             Abako  

249         Megwa Junior PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Omoro 

250         Mother Brenda Integrated PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Aloi       

251         Mother Care PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Awei     

252         Nelzaria PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Abako  

253         New Change PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Akura   

254         New Life PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Aloi       

255         New Rock PRIMARY SCHOOL       Alebtong             Akura   

256         Northern War Memorial PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Apala    

257         Obwolonyaomia PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Awei     

258         Ocom Community School             Alebtong             Amugu

259         Ogwee Comprehensive School   Alebtong             Abako  

260         Okomo Community         Alebtong             Omoro 

261         Okuro PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Omoro 

262         Okwalolee PRIMARY SCHOOL     Alebtong             Omoro 

263         Olalango PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Omoro 

264         Olaoilongo Community PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Apala    

265         Olech PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Akura   

266         Oloo Modern PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Aloi       

267         Oloo View PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Aloi       

268         Oloro Modern N.PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Apala    

269         Omito PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Abia      

270         Omoro Central PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Omoro 

271         Ongora Hill PRIMARY SCHOOL    Alebtong             Awei     

272         Owalo Sunlight PRIMARY SCHOOL            Alebtong             Awei     

273         Oxford PRIMARY SCHOOL             Alebtong             Apala    

274         Rehema PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Omoro 

275         Rock View Integrated     Alebtong             Aloi       

276         Rojila PRIMARY SCHOOL                Alebtong             Akura   

277         St. Andrew & Jonathan Rehabilitation     Alebtong             Akura   

278         St. Andrew PRIMARY SCHOOL    Alebtong             Omoro 

279         St. Anne Elementary School         Alebtong             Akura   

280         St. Francis Junior Academy          Alebtong             Akura   

281         St. Francis PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Abako  

282         St. Hellen PRIMARY SCHOOL        Alebtong             Abia      

283         St. Joe PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Akura   

284         St. Mark PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Awei     

285         St. Martha PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Omoro 

286         St. Martin Junior School Alebtong             Aloi       

287         St. Mary Obuo PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Omoro 

288         St. Paul PRIMARY SCHOOL            Alebtong             Amugu

289         St. Peter Adyang Lim PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Awei     

290         St. Peter & Paul PRIMARY SCHOOL           Alebtong             Akura   

291         St. Peters Foundation PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Abia      

292         St. Peter’s PRIMARY SCHOOL      Alebtong             Awei     

293         St. Simon PRIMARY SCHOOL        Alebtong             Aloi       

294         St. Thomas More PRIMARY SCHOOL         Alebtong             Abako  

295         Te-Amyel Junior School Alebtong             Akura   

296         Teyaa Modern PRIMARY SCHOOL              Alebtong             Abia      

297         The Capricon PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Awei     

298         Thomas Eliot PRIMARY SCHOOL Alebtong             Apala    

299         Vision Hope Community PRIMARY SCHOOL          Alebtong             Aloi       

300         Wisdom High Intergrated School               Alebtong             Aloi       

301         Yema PRIMARY SCHOOL               Alebtong             Omoro 

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