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UNEB executive secretary Dan Odongo. A top official says UNEB plans to release the 2023 UCE results on Thursday

The Uganda Certificate of Education Examination (UCE) results for 2023 will be made public on Thursday, February 15, 2024, KAWA has been informed by a senior Ministry of Education and Sports official. The results of the Senior Four Examination for 2023 will be made public on Thursday at 11 a.m., according to an official who requested to remain anonymous because they are not the official Ministry spokesperson. At State House Nakasero, they are anticipated to be released. Before the results are announced, the minister of education is expected to receive a briefing on student performance from the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), according to sources.

This is the second set of national exams that UNEB has made available. Late last month, the Primary Leaving Examinations, the first round of the end-of-cycle exams, were made public.

The number of candidates who enrolled for the exam vs those who took it is anticipated to be disclosed, along with the overall comparative performance and gender-specific performance, by UNEB Executive Director Mr. Dan Odongo.

Results can be accessed by parents, candidates, and other interested parties via Short Message Services (SMS) on cell phones as soon as they are released.

It will be necessary to know the candidate’s entire index number. To find it, select the Message option on the phone, write UCE, then leave a space before typing the full index number and sending it to 6600.

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