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Using Social Media to enhance Learning in this Covid 19 Period

In this period, while learners are at home, those who have access to social media should not just spend time chatting and watching comedy from youtube.

The learners should start by sharing different environmental photographs showing different scenes, discuss the economic activities taking place there, share the solutions to the challenges as well discussing strategies for better performance when schools open. This is a great opportunity to read widely using free online books from platforms like KAWA BIiology listening to constructive educational audios, and ted talks.

Following the closure of institutions of learning in Uganda on 20th March 2020 over the Coronavirus Pandemic, several schools prepared special ‘COVID Holiday Packages’ to keep the learners busy with academics during the break, which were also uploaded to school websites for online access. Now, this week the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) has designed a framework for the provision of continued learning during the COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda.

Effort should also be made to utilise resources from the Ministry of Education and Sports which has worked with a consortium of different stakeholders, under the guidance of the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), to develop standardized study lesson packages in the core subjects for primary and secondary levels, to be distributed to all learners.

In addition, model teachers have continued to prepare lessons to be delivered through on radio and television stations across the country. Radio content can be recorded for further reference. Those who are using free to air decoders can record UBC television live lessons while others from different media houses can be downloaded from youtube.

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