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Candidates have miserably failed science subjects according to Uganda National Examinations Board results released on Friday July 30.

According to UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo, although there has been an overall improved performance in a number of subjects, there is still a challenge in overall pass levels for science subjects.

Odongo points out that more students still find difficulty in handling the apparatus during practical tests as well as marking and recording observations among other challenges.

“Candidates showed weaknesses in the handling of apparatus during the practical tests.

”The weaknesses were also shown in making and recording observations and drawing conclusions from those observations; tabulation of experimental results and interpretation of the results to meet the demands of the question.

“They also showed poor mathematical skills required in calculations, inability to write the correct symbols of elements, formulae of compounds and equations, among others. Some candidates merely forged figures of experimental results in the practical papers. Most candidates showed a lack of practical experience as many schools tend to handle practical aspects of the curriculum much later in the course.

“As a result, students do not develop the necessary skills. This could explain why most malpractice cases are in science practical papers.

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