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UCC/UCUSAF Partners with KAWA to Launch ICT Club at Kamuli Girls College

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) club at Kamuli Girls College, made possible through a joint initiative by KAWA and the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under the UCUSAF project.

Located in Kamuli district, Busoga, in eastern Uganda, Kamuli Girls College is a beacon of women’s education in the region, nurturing many successful and influential women, including the former Speaker of Parliament and current 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community.

New Milestones, More Opportunities

The headteacher of the school, Ms. Specioza Kasowole, expressed her gratitude to the UCC and UCUSAF during the launch ceremony. She acknowledged their significant contributions in providing high-speed internet connectivity (5mbps) facilitated by RENU, supplying ICT books for learners, and supporting the implementation of the new ICT club.

However, challenges remain. There is a pressing need for a technology upgrade in the school, particularly to revive non-working computers and broken servers. The computers were initially intended to use the NComputing software, which has unfortunately been discontinued. Furthermore, the school is grappling with a shortage of computers, a gap that has widened due to the growing student population.

We’re mindful of these hurdles and believe that with collective efforts, we can overcome them. After all, each obstacle surmounted brings us one step closer to our goal of bridging the digital divide.

Acknowledging the Pillars of Support

Ms. Kasowole also extended her appreciation towards Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for her generous assistance in providing a bus and supporting the reconstruction of the school.

Forging Ahead with the ICT Club

The establishment of the ICT club has stirred up an infectious enthusiasm among learners. Our team at KAWA, together with deputy headteacher Ibrahim Kaggwa and ICT teacher Lawrence Inhensiko, are committed to nurturing this excitement. We aim to equip the students with invaluable digital skills that will shape their futures and potentially, the future of Uganda.

To this end, KAWA has offered numerous resources such as talking books and a structured one-year plan with weekly activities. These resources aim to inspire, engage, and challenge the young minds, leading to deeper learning and creativity in the realm of ICT.

This initiative marks a significant stride in our continuous efforts to equip the next generation with digital literacy skills. It’s a leap towards an empowered, connected, and tech-savvy future. Together, let’s embrace the digital revolution!

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey with Kamuli Girls College’s ICT club.

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