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Top schools with 4 in 4 aggregates at PLE 2022

Uganda is home to some of the best schools in Africa, and the standards of education are continually improving. For those looking for a top-tier education, the 4 in 4 aggregate score is an important indicator.

The PLE 2022 results have shown that there are several schools across Uganda that have achieved a 4 in 4 aggregate score, indicating their excellence in academics. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top schools with 4 in 4 aggregates at PLE 2022 and what makes them stand out from the rest.

PLE 2022 was conducted between November 8th and 9th 2022, with a total of 832,810 candidates registered from 14,153 examination centers. Of these, 51.9 percent of the total registered candidates were females and 48.1 percent were males.

Of these, 583,769 were funded under the Universal Primary Education-UPE program, and 249,041 were non-UPE candidates.

Getting aggregates 4 in 4 subjects is considered the highest achievement /pass at PLE. This means a student managed to score a Distinction one in each subject.

The results released by the First Lady, Janet Museveni show that 150 schools had at least a student scoring aggregate 4. In the list below, we share the Top 20 schools with aggregates 4 in 4.

Top 20 schools with aggregates 4 in 4

School District  4’s
1 Hillside Primary School Kira M/C 99
2 Hormisdallen Day School Kampala 46
3 Mother Manjeri Primary School Kira M/C 38
4 Hormisdallen Primary School,Gayaza Wakiso 35
5 Kasaana Junior School Masaka City 28
6 El-Shaddai Primary School Gulu City 25
7 Little Muheji Primary School,Nansana Nansana M/C 23
8 Namugongo Girls Primary School Kira M/C 21
9 Seeta Junior School,Mbalala Mukono Main 18
10 Victorious Primary School Mukono Mukono Main 18
11 Bishop Asili Mem. Nursery Primary School Kabale M/C 16
12 Kampala Parents School Kampala 16
13 Leo’s Junior Primary School Masaka City 16
14 Nkokonjeru Primary School Mbale City 16
15 Hormisdallen Kirinnya Primary School Kira M/C 13
16 Kampala Quality Primary School Kampala 12
17 Good Times Kawaala Primary School Kampala 10
18 Mother Ludia Primary School Gulu City 9
19 Esteem Junior School,Wakiso Wakiso 8
20 Mother Care Primary School Ntungamo M/C 8

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