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The Coding Clinic and ICT Club Exhibition at Bukooli College, Bugiri

Bukooli College ICT club students participated in an Exhibition and coding clinic in the computer lab to mark Africa Code Week. The ICT club is a form of extracurricular activity, typically for students aged 12-18.

The ICT club was established by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under the UCUSAF program. These are being set up in all secondary Schools with the support of KAWA as an implementation agency. They are usually run by the Headteacher or deputy as a patron, the ICT teachers, and a team of students who have an interest in technology.

A coding clinic is an event where students can come to learn about a coding language or platform.

The Bukooli College ICT Club Coding clinic brought together club members from all classes.

What Happened at the Event?

The event was a one-day coding clinic hosted by Bukooli College, Bugiri, Eastern Uganda. It was aimed at all students who were interested in computer science and computational thinking but didn’t know how to get started.

On this day, the students were given a chance to explore what computer science is all about and what they can do with it. They had workshops on web development, game design, and coding for mobile devices. They presented their work afterward.

We send special thanks to Ali Bukenya, the headteacher of the school, deputy headteachers, and the head of ICT, innocent Wanyama who is always available for the success of the club.

Conclusion: The Need for More Computer Science Education in Uganda

The need for more Web coding and Development education in Uganda is a complicated problem that needs to be addressed on a number of fronts.

There are many reasons behind the shortage of qualified teachers, which include low pay, inadequate training, and poor infrastructure.

It is important to note that there are no quick fixes to the problem. The government should consider different ways of addressing this issue by using existing resources better and providing incentives for organizations and individuals who are in the field providing such skills.

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