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Soroti Secondary School New Curriculum Implementation, Teaching And Learning Resources, ICT Club, And UCE/UACE Results 

Soroti Secondary School is a Government Aided Secondary School in Central Ward, Soroti City, in Uganda. On this page, you will get the details on Soroti Secondary School location, ICT Club, New Curriculum, UCE and UACE examinations results, students’ enrollment and Facilities.

The current Headteacher of Soroti SS (October 2022) is Papa Martin Okiria, the former Association of Secondary Headteachers of Uganda chairman.

Note that Soroti Secondary School is registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). Its EMIS code is 10706.

Soroti Secondary School O and A Level Student Enrollment

Soroti Secondary School has a student enrollment of over 3799 students with 3153 students in Ordinary Level (O-Level), and 646 students in Advanced Level (A-Level).

Soroti Secondary School Location

Soroti Secondary School institution of learning is located in Soroti City-Eastern Division, in Central Ward ward.

Soroti Secondary School Facilities

Soroti Secondary School is an Existing educational institution in Central Ward, Soroti Municipal Council, with the following number of Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, and Latrine Stances. Physical Classrooms: 41, Number of Laboratories: 6, Number Libraries: 1, Latrine Stances: 98, Teachers, Housing Units: 0

Soroti Secondary School 2020 UCE and UACE Exam Results

Use the following steps to access the Soroti Secondary School 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education Examination Results (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination Results (UACE).

How to Check the Soroti Secondary School 2020 UCE, UACE, TECH Results Online

1. Visit the UNEB eReg Portal, or type:

UNEB Soroti Secondary School 2020 PLE Results Login Page./caption]2. Click on the Login link. (

3. Enter the “Username” and “Password” details (use your login credentials)

4. Move to the Results Page and Enter your index number e.g 123123/001, or UT002/0001, orU1234/501.

5. Then Click on Search. Wait for your results to show up on the next page.

Soroti Secondary School Details Summary

  • Name of School: Soroti Secondary School
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 3799
  • School Phone Number: (+256)–
  • School Email Address: —.
  • School Website:
  • Ward/Parish: Central Ward
  • SubCounty/Town/Division: Eastern Division
  • District/Municipality: Soroti City
  • District/Municipality Code: 763- Soroti City
  • Country: Uganda

What is the Soroti SS ICT Club?

The Soroti SS ICT Club is a club started by the Uganda Communications Commission under the UCUSAF Scheme and KAWA Uganda to produce a group of IT enthusiasts in Soroti City, Uganda. The club aims to provide a space for young people in the School and the City to learn about IT and how it can be used to improve their livelihoods.

The club was formed by a group of IT enthusiasts who wanted to promote the use of ICTs among communities in the district. The current headteacher of Soroti SS is the Patron. They wanted to provide both members and non-members with opportunities for knowledge sharing, skill acquisition, and training as well as access to information technology equipment.

What Happened at the Exhibition and Coding Clinic?

The event was a great success and the turnout was huge! The exhibition showcased the latest innovations in technology and coding. There were many interactive exhibits, such as a student developed Calculator developed in Javascript by Oriyo Herman, a very active student and member of the club.

There were also many coding activities for students to participate in, such as building their own game with Scratch and MIT App Inventor.

The event was also facilitated by Moses Wamanga from KAWA.

What is UCC’s Role in this Project?

UCC’s role in this project is to provide the initial financial support for KAWA Uganda to implement the programme. UCC has been delivering computers to schools since 2008 and over 1400 schools have benefited to date. Every year about 30-40 schools benefit and it still provides computers to date. At one point every school will benefit

KAWA Uganda is a registered Community-Based organization in Uganda with a mission to contribute to Education Transformation by empowering teachers and learners through technology and capacity building.

The organization is based on the belief that Ugandans can create sustainable livelihoods and improve their lives if they are given access to opportunities, resources, and training.

Feedback from the Soroti SS Students

There was a lot of excitement from students of all levels ranging from Senior 1 to Senior 6. They promised to get involved in developing different solutions to societal problems with the use of coding skills. Here are a few students speaking in different videos from our youtube channel.

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