Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

Transforming Education in Bungecha: A Story of Progress and Professional Development

In the heart of Buswale Subcounty, Namayingo District, lies Bungecha Primary School—a beacon of educational progress in rural Eastern Uganda. This school is one of the proud beneficiaries of the generous support from the Government of Iceland, provided through their Embassy in Uganda in collaboration with the Namayingo District Development Programme for Fishing Communities. This initiative is a part of a broader effort to uplift education and improve living standards within the community.

Bungecha Primary School has seen significant advancements under the leadership of Bernard Bwire, an esteemed and well-organized headteacher whose efforts have catalyzed the development of both the school’s infrastructure and its educational practices. The support from Iceland has equipped the school with vital resources including an all-in-one desktop computer, a smart TV, solar panels, and digital content aligned with the Uganda Curriculum, setting a new standard for educational resources in the area.

In a heartfelt video address above, Mr. Bwire expressed his gratitude and optimism upon receiving these transformative tools. He highlighted how these resources would not only enhance the teaching and learning environment but also provide sustainable energy solutions that are critical in rural settings.

The school’s faculty, consisting of 17 dedicated teachers including Mr. Bwire and his deputy, is currently engaging in an innovative online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. This program, implemented by KAWA Uganda in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, aims to enhance the teachers’ skills and methodologies to better serve the educational needs of their students. The following teachers are actively participating in this transformative online training:

Despite facing numerous challenges such as high dropout rates, poverty, inadequate parental support, and insufficient teaching resources, Bungecha Primary School is making strides toward overcoming these barriers. The community in the district still grapples with issues like early marriages, early pregnancies, and a general lack of exposure to effective curriculum implementation, which are exacerbated by inadequate supervision and inspection due to logistical constraints.

Since 2021, the support from the Iceland Government has played a pivotal role in not only addressing educational needs but also in improving Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) standards among the fishing communities of Namayingo. The program initially rolled out in the Sub Counties of Buhemba, Mutumba, and Banda has now expanded to other sub counties including the Island Sub-Counties, showing a promising scale of impact.

As Bungecha Primary School continues to harness these newfound opportunities, the focus remains on empowering its educators and students to achieve their full potential. Through the collective efforts of the community, government, and international partners, Bungecha is on a promising path to fostering an environment where education thrives and leads to substantial community transformation.

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