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Schools in Bukedea District

 Schools in Bukedea District

Bukedea District is bordered by Kumi District to the west and north, Bulambuli District to the east, Sironko District and Mbale District to the southeast, and Pallisa District to the south. The district headquarters at Bukedea are located approximately 79 kilometres (49 mi), by road, southeast of Soroti, the largest city in Teso sub-region. Bukedea County –  Bukedea, Kachumbala, Kidongole, Kolir, Malera, Bukedea Town Council.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni together with MP Anita Among and some of the Staff pose for a group photograph during his visit to the constituency on 27th April 2019. President Museveni was in Bukedea on the invitation of the Woman MP Anita Among where he Officiated the ground breaking for Bukedea teaching hospital, Launched the new ‘ Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’ science laboratory and library at Bukede comprehensive school and Opened up the new Bukedea radio, 102.1 mama FM.

KAWA activities are widespread in Bukedea District. Through the CAO of Bukedea, KAWA launched its activities with the Integration of ICT in teaching and learning at Bukedea Secondary School. ICT club pilot was launched in the district from Bukedea Comprehensive School. There is planned network training per school.

Top Schools in Bukedea District 2020 UCE Results

In Bukedea District UCE 2020 Examinations Results, Amus College School emerged the top secondary school with 7.76% pass rate from 116 candidates who sat the exams. The second place with 7.76% pass rate is Bukedea Lifeline SS.

Bukedea Comprehensive School took position 3 to seal the top three best schools in Bukedea district in the just concluded 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education UCE exams.


Top Schools in Bukedea District 2020 UCE Results


The following schools also made it among the top schools in Bukedea district. St. Peter’s SS, Katekwan 4.23%, Malera SS, Bukedea 3.45%, St. John’s College, Kachumbala 2%, Kongunga High School 2.22%, Bukedea SS 1.10%, Bukedea Christian High School 0.00%

Top Schools in Bukedea District 2020 UCE Examinations Results

This list of top schools in Bukedea District was generated by ranking the percentage pass rate obtained from the percentage of candidates who scored division one in each school. Amus College School 7.76%, Bukedea Lifeline SS 5.63%, Bukedea Comprehensive School 5.56%, St. Peter’s SS, Katekwan 4.23%, Malera SS, Bukedea 3.45%, St. John’s College, Kachumbala 2%, Kongunga High School 2.22%, Bukedea SS 1.10%, and Bukedea Christian High School 0.00%

2020 Bukedea District UCE Results Breakdown

Division 1
% Pass
Amus College School
Bukedea Lifeline SS
Bukedea Comprehensive School
St. Peter’s SS, Katekwan
Malera SS, Bukedea
St. John’s College, Kachumbala
Kongunga High School
Bukedea SS
Bukedea Christian High School

Secondary Schools in Bukedea District

1. Aligoi Secondary School
2. Amus College School
3. Bukedea Lifeline Secondary School
4. Bukedea Secondary School
5. Grace High School
6. Kidongole Seed Secondary School
7. Kolir Comprehensive Secondary School
8. Kolir Comprehensive Secondary School
9. Kongunga High School
10. Malera High Secondary School
11. Malera Secondary School
12. St. John College
13. St. Peter’s Secondary School
14. St. Theresa Secondary School Okunguro
15. Triangle High School

Primary Schools in Bukedea District

Abilaep Primary School
Abitibit Primary School
Acomai Primary School
Aege – Otimonga Primary School
Ajokis Edeke Primary School
Akero Primary School
Akou – Etome Primary School
Akuoro Christian PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Akuoro Primary School
Akutot Primary School
Akwarikwar Primary School
Albert Asanyuk PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Aligoi Primary School
Aligoi Rock View PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Alpha PRIMARY SCHOOL Miroi Bukedea Kolir
Alpha PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Amagor Junior Academy
Aminit – Busano Primary School
Amour Of God PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Amus Primary School
Amus Sapir Primary School
Angangam Primary School
Apopong Primary School
Aputiput Primary School
Arereng Junior School Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Asanu PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Auruku – Kanyanga Primary School
Blessed PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Bright Angels PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
Bright Future PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Bright Junior School Bukedea Kachumbala
Bududa Junior School
Bududa Junior School Bukedea Kachumbala
Bukedea Demo Primary School
Bukedea Integrated PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Bukedea Primary School
Bukedea Township Primary School
Bukedea Vision Primary School
Bukedea Vision PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Charity Primary School
Chodong Primary School
Christ The King Akakaat Primary School
Christ The King PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Clear Vision Academy Bukedea Kachumbala
Creative Infant PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
David Livingstone Primary School
David Livingstone PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Divine Mercy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Ebenezer Junior School Bukedea Kachumbala
Ebenezer PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
El- Shaddai PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Eliza & Janet PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Exodus Community PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Exodus PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Fair Way PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Fairway PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Faith Academy Primary School
Faith PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Frphilan Amus Primary School
Glory Christain PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Glory Christian Primary School
God’s Mercy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Good Care PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Good Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Good Shepherd PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Hellenah PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Heros PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Hope And Glory PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Hope PRIMARY SCHOOL Miroi Bukedea Kolir
Jalwiny Kamuno Primary School
Joy Parents Primary School
Joy Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Kabarwa Township Primary School
Kachaboi Mukura Primary School
Kachage Primary School
Kachage PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Kachede Primary School
Kachonga Primary School
Kachumbala Prep PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Kachumbala Primary School
Kachumbala Township Primary School
Kachuru Primary School
Kacoc New Primary School
Kacoc Primary School
Kadacar Primary School
Kagoloto Primary School
Kajamaka Primary School
Kakere – Gagama Primary School
Kakere Primary School
Kakere Rock Primary School
Kakori Exodus PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Kakori Primary School
Kakori PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Kalengo Primary School
Kaleu Primary School
Kaloko Primary School
Kalou Primary School
Kamailuk Primary School
Kamon Primary School
Kamutur Primary School
Kangole Primary School
Kanyamutamu New Primary School
Kanyanga Primary School
Kanyipa Primary School
Kapaang Primary School
Kaparis Primary School
Kasechi Primary School
Kasoka Primary School
Katekwan Primary School
Kawo Kakira Primary School
Kawo Kidongole Primary School
Kawo New Primary School
Kawo Primary School
Kidongole Mercy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
Kidongole Primary School
Kobaale Primary School
Koboli Primary School
Kocheka Primary School
Koena Primary School
Kokolotum Primary School
Kokutu Primary School
Kokutu PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea
Kokwech Primary School
Kolir Christian PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Kolir Primary School
Komelekes Primary School
Komongomeri Primary School
Komuge Primary School
Kongunga Primary School
Koreng Primary School
Kosire Primary School
Kotia Primary School
Kotiokot Parents PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Kotiokot Primary School
Kotolut Primary School
Koutulai Primary School
Lifeline Primary School – Kachumbala
Lifeline PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Malera – Okouba Primary School
Malera Primary School
Mama Joy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Mama Priscilla PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Mama Priscilla PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Mama Sarah Primary School
Mama Sarah PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
Martha Light PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Mercy Primary School
Mercy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
Miroi – Rock Primary School
Miroi Junior School
Miroi Junior School Bukedea Kolir
Miroi Primary School
Mukongoro Kotia Primary School
Nalugai Primary School
Obur PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Okula Primary School
Okum Okamole Primary School
Okunguro Parents Primary School
Okunguro Primary School
Okunguro PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Ongaara Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Ongaara Primary School
Ongatuny Primary School
Ongatuny PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Powerland Junior School Bukedea Kachumbala
Shining Star PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
St Aloysius Kodike Primary School
St Charles PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
St David Primary School
St David PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
St Hellen’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kidongole
St Joseph PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
St Mary`S PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
St Paul Chebukube PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
St Peter`S -Manga PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
St Peter’s PRIMARY SCHOOL – Malera Bukedea Malera
St Peter’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
St Peter’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Star Academy PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Star Light PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Malera
Suula Primary School
Tajar Primary School
Tajar PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Tamula Muslim Primary School
Tejak Junior School Bukedea Bukedea Kachumbala
Teso Heritage PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kolir
Teso Junior Academy
Teso Junior School Bukedea Kachumbala
Teso Junior School-Bukedea Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Tokor Primary School
Treasure PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Bukedea Town Council
Vicmos Primary School
Vicmos PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala
Victor’s PRIMARY SCHOOL Bukedea Kachumbala

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