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Rwenkobwa Secondary School is a Government Aided Secondary School in Rwenkobwa, Ibanda District, in Uganda. On this page, you will get the details on Rwenkobwa Secondary School location, the 2020 UCE exams results, 2020 UACE examinations results, students’ enrollment, Facilities, and school bank details.

Note that Rwenkobwa Secondary School is registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). Its EMIS code is 6713.

 Rwenkobwa Secondary School Details Summary

Rwenkobwa Secondary School Location

Rwenkobwa Secondary School institution of learning is located in Ibanda District -Kijongo, in Rwenkobwa ward.

Rwenkobwa Secondary School 2020 UCE and UACE Exam Results

Use the following steps to access the Rwenkobwa Secondary School 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education Examination Results (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination Results (UACE).

Procedure to Check the Rwenkobwa Secondary School 2020 UCE Results on Mobile Phone using SMS

  1. Get the Rwenkobwa Secondary School 2020 Senior 4 (S4) candidate’s UNEB UCE Index Number. E.g U1234/001.
  2. Open your phone’s message (SMS), and type “UCE <space> Index No” e.g. UCE U1234/001
  3. Send the above SMS text to number 6600.
  4. You’ll get an SMS reply with the candidate’s 2020 UCE results.

How to Check the Rwenkobwa Secondary School 2020 UACE Results on Mobile Phone using SMS

  1. Have the Rwenkobwa Secondary School Senior 6 (S6) candidate’s UNEB UACE Index Number. E.g U1234/501.
  2. Open your phone’s message (SMS), and type “UCE <space> Index No” e.g. UCE U1234/501
  3. Send the above SMS text to number 6600.
  4. You’ll get an SMS reply confirmation with the candidate’s 2020 UNEB UACE results.

Rwenkobwa Secondary School ICT Club

The KAWA team delivered a talks and engaged in conversations with some of the club members. Some of the students enthusiastically shared their learning project works that they already were embarking on.

The KAWA team handed to the club about 100 T-Shirts branded in UCC logos, and a pair of Samsung Galaxy tablets donated by UCC for implementing club activities.

The pilot project is UCC’s long term commitment to supporting clubs in maintenance and basic repairs of computers and accessories in their respective schools.

However KAWA’s mandate goes beyond maintenance and repair to building capacity in the participating learners to utilize ICT to leverage 21st century learning practices and make ICT more relevant in their lives and education.

Key objectives outlined are:
• Building in the students the skills of using ICT more effectively and responsibly.
• Enabling creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving mentality
• Being able to integrate ICT in mainstream disciplines, other clubs and schools’ activities for learning purposes.
• Being able to purposefully network, collaborate and work as a team.
• Empowering learners to address real issues affecting their communities and finding solutions to them through innovative learning projects.
• Developing a sense of ownership of and taking part in maintenance of equipment of their respective ICT departments.

KAWA’s talk with the club learners encompassed aims and objectives of the project, 21st-century challenges and opportunities that young people must equip themselves to face, and employability skills – hard and soft.

Clubs members were urged to act responsibly in interacting with their schools’ ICT properties and to guard them jealously. They were also urged to fully participate in Lab maintenance as principle club learning activity.

Each of the clubs are expected to come up with at least one innovative learning activity. Outstanding clubs will be recognized for their efforts.

We have been very glad to receive you in our school and very happy for the gorgeous and fantamaglorious club of ICT which you have introduced in our school and which has been accepted by the Board and Management of our School. We thank you for all the information you’ve brought for us … may the Lord bless you. Nabukenya Mariam, Rwenkobwa S.S., Ibanda

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