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Ruyonza School New Curriculum Implementation and ICT Club Innovations

Ruyonza School ICT Club members presented their Finance and records management Innovation during the regional NCC School ICT Competitions at Amazon Building, Mbarara City.

KAWA is working with UCC through UCUSAF to launch ICT clubs in all secondary schools in Uganda. The key objective of these clubs is to build the students’ ICT skills more effectively and responsibly, drive creativity and innovation and develop the capacity of learners and their teachers in the care and maintenance of the Computer Laboratory. The ICT clubs will also be connected to nearby universities for further mentorship.

About Ruyonza School

Ruyonza School is located in Ward I Parish, Nyakabirizi Division, Bushenyi District, Western part of Uganda.

Digital Teaching and Learning Resources for Schools

KAWA Digital resources
KAWA Digital Resources

Implementation of Lower Secondary Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC)

Schools are implementing the Lower Secondary Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) with S.1 learners as they progress to the next class. With the support of NCDC and the Master Trainers, teachers are gaining a deeper understanding of the implementation of the curriculum.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a key focus with projects that students will undertake at every end of the topic. Teachers will then be required to note the student’s progress before any new topic is introduced.

KAWA recommends the creation of Teacher mentors and a Professional Learning Community (PLC) in the school so that teachers who have not been oriented to the revised curriculum can get help from their colleagues at school to understand the expectations of the new curriculum.

In the new curriculum, there is a provision for the pre-Vocational component of education which is in the line with the World of Work requirements and in line with the Skilling Uganda strategy. This is aimed at preparing learners at an early age with the opportunity to understand and appreciate vocational work, recognize its importance and later join the world of work in this area.

Subjects that will benefit from this arrangement include performing arts, Agriculture, ICT, Nutrition and Food Technology, Art and Design, Technology and Design, Physical Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Learners studying these subjects will have the option of being assessed in the occupational competence equivalent to Level 1 at the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) at the end of senior three.

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