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Namilyango College ICT Club Presenting a Time Bound Project during the Regional NCC -2022

Namilyango College ICT Club made it to the National Conference on Communications at regional level courtesy of their project they named “Time Bound” which was project was presented on 1st June, 2022 at CEDAT-Makerere University.

This project was developed to enforce time management and Quality education. This system uses SQL for database management to register timestamps in a way that each employee is given a card to swap in on arrival and the information of the employee is saved and sent to the employer showing the name, Arrival time, Image and video at the moment of entry.

Namilyango College ICT Club Presenting to the team of Judges at CEDAT- Makerere University

They used used HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT as the Methodology to their Time Bound innovation.

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