Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

KAWA’s Endeavor: A Comprehensive Needs Assessment in Namayingo District Primary Schools

A Historical Prelude

The dawn of the 21st century marked a momentous chapter in the diplomatic annals of Iceland and Uganda. Since 2000, these two nations embarked on a bilateral collaboration, driven by an earnest mission: to alleviate poverty and enhance the life quality of Ugandans in specific districts.

Fast forward to 2019, Namayingo District became the beneficiary of this noble mission, entering into a strategic partnership with the Embassy of Iceland. Under the banner of the Namayingo District Development Program for Fishing Communities (NDDP – FC), a transformative development wave washed over the district, particularly in the domains of education, water, and sanitation. In the educational sphere, the emphasis was laser-focused on amplifying both access and quality of basic education. The strategy was dual-pronged: revamping the physical infrastructure of schools while simultaneously enhancing the teaching quality.

And now, in a proud announcement, the baton for championing quality teaching in Namayingo District has been passed to the Kisubi Associated Writers Agency (KAWA).

The Ambitious Objectives

As stewards of this important initiative, KAWA has initiated a comprehensive needs analysis in the district. The objectives are:

  1. Shining a Spotlight on Knowledge & Competency Gaps: Our aim is to identify potential deficiencies in knowledge or skills that may be undermining the teaching quality. Key focus areas include:
    • Harnessing ICT for enriched learning experiences
    • Crafting impactful lesson plans
    • Modern, effective teaching methodologies
    • Cultivating conducive learning atmospheres, skillful classroom management, and ensuring active learner participation
    • Boosting teacher engagement with parents and the broader community
    • Promoting inclusivity in teaching and facilitating differentiated learning
    • Scouting opportunities for continuous professional development for teachers
    • Fortifying child protection measures
  2. Physical Infrastructure Evaluation: Beyond teaching methods, the physical environment plays a pivotal role in learning. Our objective here is to assess the current state of school infrastructure, availability of power, and spaces suitable for computer installations and other essential training equipment.
  3. Gauging Teacher Competence in IT: In this digital age, integrating IT into education is indispensable. KAWA is committed to evaluating teachers’ proficiency in using IT tools, especially in facilitating online collaborative training sessions.


This assessment endeavor spans 19 primary schools in Namayingo District:

Namayingo Town Council/Buyinja Sub County:

  • Namayingo Primary School
  • Hohoma Primary School
  • Jami Primary School

Buswale Sub County:

  • Buswale Primary School
  • Bungecha Primary School

Mutumba Sub County:

  • Bumeru Primary School
  • Mutumba Primary School
  • Mulombi Primary School

Banda Sub County:

  • Busiro Primary School
  • Buchumba Primary School
  • Banda Primary School
  • Siabona Primary School

Buhemba Sub County:

  • Bukewa Primary School
  • Isinde Primary School
  • Buhemba Primary School

Bukana Sub County:

  • Bugana Primary School

Sigulu Island:

  • Sigulu Island Primary School
  • Namugongo Primary School

Lolwe Island:

  • Kandege Primary School

With this assessment, KAWA aims to lay the foundation for a comprehensive educational transformation in Namayingo District. We believe that with collective effort and commitment, the future of education in the district is bright and promising.

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