Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

This innovation has developed as a collaborative initiative between KAWA, Association of Secondary Schools Head teachers of Uganda and Makerere University Business School as a quick response to the challnges brought by the closure of schools. The Corona Virus pandemic and the associated mitigation measures such as country wide lockdown has limited student’s access to education. Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institution of learning have been closed for a month now and students are unable to access Education. Very few schools, mostly in urban places have e-learning platforms in place and have continued to support their students during the lock down. Unfortunately, the majority of the Schools around the country do not have the resources to continue supporting students to learn during unprecedented times of Covid 19. The time allocated teaching on TV and Radio is insufficient and its teacher centered with limited student active involvement.

www.educate.kawa.ac.ug is an e-learning platform that supports blended e-learning and online self-paced teaching and learning for primary, secondary Schools and Tertiary school students, teachers and tutors. The platform supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous teaching and learning sessions through chat, forum and real time online lecture sessions, assignments, database, quiz, survey, feedback, lesson and Multimedia learning resources. The platform provides flexible access and meaningful learning experiences to students and teachers spread across the country. The solution is affordable, user friendly and sustainable for low resource regions in the long run. The solution integrates design and development of Multimedia learning content using MUBS state of the art multimedia studio. The multimedia content is customized to Ugandan context and will be available to students and teachers to access through the platform. The platform also has an offline content module that can be installed in school computer labs. The solution has a mobile application that can be used both online and offline making essential content accessible to teachers and students anytime and anywhere.

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