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Iganga Senior Secondary School wins the Eastern Region ICT Clubs Competition

On Friday, September 22, the Eastern ICT Clubs competition took place at Bilkon Hotel in Jinja, with several secondary schools participating, including Iganga SS, PMM Girls School, and Jinja College. Each school showcased a project, reflecting the implementation of the skills acquired from the New curriculum. These projects were a testament to the student’s ability to apply their learning in innovative and practical ways, contributing to the advancement of technology and learning in the region.

Iganga Secondary School came up with a website called Skyray. This website helps the parents and the community members to understand the new curriculum which is still challenging for the parents to understand well. This website helps them to be able to know how the students are assessed at school. This was an interesting project and they were able to be the winner of the Eastern Region ICT Clubs Competition they will compete at the final NCC competition to be held at Kyambogo University on the 3rd and 4 the of October.

This year’s edition will be held under the theme, “Sustainable ICTs in Uganda – Growth Through Responsible Innovative Solutions”. This theme was chosen to emphasize the importance of sustainable development of the sector through innovative solutions and the protection of biodiversity.

According to the Kyambogo University Don, Dr. Abel Kamagara, the National chairperson, NCC 2023 will offer an opportunity for players from academia, industry, and government to come together and discuss the most pressing sector-specific issues. It is also aimed at facilitating networking between junior and senior researchers and practitioners as well as students at different levels of study.

Jinja College showcased a project on Q-Pay, a sophisticated application allowing for monetary transactions via mobile devices. This exemplifies the dedication and effort invested by the students to master the necessary skills. Additionally, they introduced a project named Greener, designed to facilitate interaction between humans, the environment, and surrounding wildlife. Observing these students contribute such innovative solutions is truly inspiring. Notably, this project secured the second position, reflecting its significant impact and relevance.

PMM Girls School has developed a website aimed at promoting the marketing of local agricultural products in the Busoga region, including groundnuts, water, maize, melon, and several others. This innovative project not only serves a practical purpose but also fosters the enhancement of their skills. It earned them a well-deserved third place. Meanwhile, the Greener project by Jinja College attained the fourth position, showcasing the diverse range of impactful and beneficial projects presented.

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