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Course outline for Web Coding and Development

KAWA team has released the whole content for teachers of ICT who are supporting ICT Clubs. This course will go on for Eight Weeks starting through our online platform. We are excited to share all the details of the course both in text and in a video format.

The purpose of this outline is to guide teachers and their learners who are working together under the ICT clubs in their preparation for the upcoming website competition. This will also strengthen their understanding of managing activities of Integration and the Project-Based Learning following the New Secondary curriculum. 

This course will provide the foundations of software development focusing on the commonly used online Applications which can intentionally be manipulated to create a platform that will contribute solutions to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The syllabus starts with the introduction to web coding using HTML and CSS. The learners will cover more different editors and browsers for perfecting their projects. While training will be taking place over the weekends, there is a dedicated KAWA youtube channel with all the required videos to support learning and engagement even without a teacher.

You learn how to set up tools that you need how to use HTML and CSS to design and build your site you learn how to use JavaScript and Jquery to program your pages, learn how to use PHP and MySQL.

Our aim here is to show you that these technologies are not as hard and that any teacher can give support to the learners. The students themselves even without teachers present can use the videos and learn a lot more.

The trainers are going to make the code easy, explaining everything in a simple way. We expect that every course participant at least knows how to operate the basic text editor and how to get around the operating system and the file system on any computer. We hope that you have some Internet connection and you can be able to watch some videos whether online or offline we also hope that you are capable of using any browser so that you can test out whatever you’re able to create.

Schools in the Programme

St. Mary’s College, Rushoroza; Bishop Kivengere Girls, Kabale; Mbarara High, Mary Hill High School, Mbarara; Rwenkobwa Secondary School, Ibanda; Masaka Secondary School; Kansanga Seed Secondary School, Kampala, Nabisunsa Girls, Bishops Secondary School, Mukono; Dabani Girls, Busia; Mbale High; Mbale Secondary School; Nyero Rock High School, Kumi; Lira Town College; Gulu High School, St. Joseph, Layibi; Arua Public, Arua Senior Secondary School, Nalinya Lwantale Girls, and St. John SS, Nandere.

Others on the list include Butsibo S.S.; Nyabiteete S.S.; Nyakiyumbu S.S.; Wekomire S.S.; Vision S.S.; Kambuga S.S.; Trinity College Nabingo; Mubende Light School; St. Elizabeth Girls’ School; Semuto S.S.; St. Henry’s College, Kitovu; Seeta College; Apac S.S.; Sir Samuel Baker S.S; Kitgum High; Palisa S.S.; Nyangilia S.S.; Dzaipi S.S.; Bududa S.S.; Bukedea Comprehensive Academy, Soroti S.S.; Rock High School; and Iganga Girls School.

We also expect Bukooli College Bugiri, Kyotera Central Secondary School, Ediofe Girls Secondary School, Tororo Girls School, Gulu Army Secondary School, Kigezi High School, PMM Girls School Jinja, Busoga College Mwiri, Kongunga High School, Kasese Secondary School, Busia Secondary School, Duhaga Secondary School, Ruyonza School Bushenyi, Masindi Secondary School, Muni Girls Secondary School,
Ntare School, St. Joseph’s Vocational School Mbarara, Kyeizooba Girls, Makerere College, Namilyango College, Lutengo SS Kalungu, Kiira College Butiki, Jinja College, St. Charles Lwanga Kasasa, Dr. Obote College Boroboro, St. Katherine School, Lira, Moroto High School, Nyakasura School, Kyebambe Girls, Kigezi College Butobere, Muntuyera High School, Busia Trust SS, Bishop Cipriano Kihangire, Kalinabiri Secondary School, Francis Ayume Memorial School Koboko, Elite High School Entebbe and St. Mary’s College Kisubi.

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