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Come and See the Work of Bubangizi SS ICT Club

Bubangizi Secondary School is a mixed Day school with O and A levels, found in Kashenshero town council, Mitooma District in the greater Bushenyi Region of Western Uganda. The current (2022) head teacher is Mr. Barigye John. The ICT teacher is Mr. Johnson Tumwesigye.

A team of Seven students came to Hive collab, Mbarara city to represent the Bubangizi Secondary School ICT club in the innovations Competitions organized by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), Makerere University. The event was part of the preparation for the 7th National Conference on Communications (NCC 2022). The conference will take place on 20-22 June 2022 at Makerere University. The team of upcoming developers from Bubangizi SS includes: Mwesigwa Gilbert (Team leader ), Kansiime Kevin, Arikiriza Ignatius, Luyinda Amudan, Akankwatsa Prosper, Wamala Edwin, and Nyesiga Brian.

Problem statement

ICT Teacher John Tumwesigye using his phone to take photos of the members

In the School we have faced a lot of Challenges like Covid-19 and its related effects including lockdown and school closure, then we had Teachers strike and even other challenges are coming including high rate of school dropouts..

Covid 19 Pandemic affected everyone and among those were teachers, students, parents, and everyone else. Students dropped out of school, teachers missed a lot of money, traders made a lot of losses, and also teaching time was tampered with. After the reporting of the students back to school, students had lost track because they had diverted into some other things. All these happen to prepare us for the future bigger problems.

Our E-learning Solution

The website is to maintain continued provision of knowledge to the public. Though sites like these exist, this one provides education to everyone regardless of where you are, where you study from, or what you do.

We have learned from the past experience and as a Bubangizi ICT club, we did not hesitate to design something that would help us overcome other challenges like these in the future. All this was summarized in one place both to solve the existing problems and prepare for the future. It came into our mind to Design such a platform as a way promoting Quality Education which is SDG number 4.

This ICT club member, Gilbert excited Judges with his coding skills ranging from React to Python.


  • To eliminate illiteracy
  • To link teachers to students online to enable continued education even during the holiday
  • To create links for teachers so as to increase their job opportunities.
  • To enable the sharing of knowledge between learners and teachers from different schools.
  • Provide educational materials to students in form of online quizzes, videos, voice notes, notes and many more.

To teachers

  • This site is the best for your home library. It provides papers, quizzes, and online videos about different courses.
  • It favors Online Interactions between students and teachers and this enables students to get online help on complex questions.
  • It makes it easy for a student to study online during holidays with teachers’ help.

To students

  • Most teachers will be hired via this site by different students thus they will be earning online.
  • The site will create a market for many teachers country-wide. And this will reduce unemployment among teachers.
  • Schools will get to find professional teachers by looking at their profiles.

The site is mainly to improve the education sector and give all students and teachers the best educational environment because education is the beginning of everything.

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