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Arua Secondary School ICT Club’s Smart farm Innovation leads them to the Regional School ICT Innovations Competitions.

Arua Secondary School ICT Club presenting a Smart Farm an Agricultural app that helps to bring services closer to the farmers through linking them with buyers through the market, provide weather forecasts, help in farm management, link farmers with extension workers and provide real time solutions through tutorials to the Reginal School ICT Clubs Competitions which took place in Masindi on 6th June, 2022. Smart Farm can easily streamline your agriculture management efforts.
Arua SS ICT Club Presenting the Smart Farm project

Project Overview

Agriculture in East Africa is characterized by women and men working in small scale, rain fed production, averaging 2 hectares per household.

Erratic bimodal rainfall patterns in recent years further challenge cropping results Farmers have very limited access to extension, training, inputs (quality seeds, fertilizers, etc.), improved agronomic practices, new technologies, and credit.

Producers are not well linked with profitable markets, especially to emerging sectors of domestic and regional markets. Private traders operate on a small scale with limited investment capability.

Availability and use of processed products at present remain very modest. As a result of low production levels, hunger is widespread and the vast majority of the rural population lives in abject poverty. With the development of this application farmers will have the chance to manage the whole farm in their hands.

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