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Top Schools in Iganga District 2020 UCE Results

In Iganga District UCE 2020 Examinations Results, Iganga SS emerged the top secondary school with 90.57% pass rate from 212 candidates who sat the exams. The second place with 90.57% pass rate is St. Gonzaga Minor Seminary, Iganga. Greenfields High School, Iganga took position 3 to seal the top three best schools in Iganga district in the just concluded 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education UCE exams.

The following schools also made it among the top schools in Iganga district. Victoria High School, Iganga 33.06%, Triangle SS, Iganga 32.18%, Musana Vocational High School 23%, Iganga High School 20.42%, Iganga Parent SS 16.50%, Bukoyo SS 15.57%, St. Francis Kigulu Girls SS 14.93%

This list of top schools in Iganga District was generated by ranking the percentage pass rate obtained from the percentage of candidates who scored division one in each school. Iganga SS 90.57%, St. Gonzaga Minor Seminary, Iganga 45.00%, Greenfields High School, Iganga 44.44%, Victoria High School, Iganga 33.06%, Triangle SS, Iganga 32.18%, Musana Vocational High School 23%, Iganga High School 20.42%, Iganga Parent SS 16.50%, Bukoyo SS 15.57% and St. Francis Kigulu Girls SS 14.93%


2020 Iganga District UCE Results Breakdown



Rank School Division 1 Candidates % Pass
1 Iganga SS 192 212 90.57%
2 St. Gonzaga Minor Seminary, Iganga 18 40 45.00%
3 Greenfields High School, Iganga 40 90 44.44%
4 Victoria High School, Iganga 40 121 33.06%
5 Triangle SS, Iganga 28 87 32.18%
6 Musana Vocational High School 25 111 23%
7 Iganga High School 77 377 20.42%
8 Iganga Parent SS 33 200 16.50%
9 Bukoyo SS 19 122 15.57%
10 St. Francis Kigulu Girls SS 10 67 14.93%

Secondary Schools

Bukoyo Secondary School
Bulamagi Community Secondary School
Busoga College Kigulu
Climax High School
Comprehensive Secondary School Bubogo
Country Side Secondary School
Green Fields High School
Iganga College Sch
Iganga Comprehessive Secondary School
Iganga Dynamic Secondary School
Iganga High School
Iganga Secondary School
Iganga Town View Secondary School
Itanda Secondary School
Kigulu College
King Of Kings  secondary School
Kiribaki Secondary School
Mt. Zion High School Iganga
Nakavule College
Nakigo Secondary School
Namungalwe Parents Secondary School
Namusiisi High
Nawandala Secondary School
Othman Bin Affan Islamic Secondary School
Pragmatic Secondary School
Savanah Highland College
St. Francis G.b Secondary School S
St. Mathias Mawagala Secondary School
St. Michael Gateway Secondary School
St. Paul Secondary School Nasuti
Triangle Secondary School
United College Nabitende
Victoria High School
Wesley High School
Wesley Secondary School &

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