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The Mityana District was established by an Act of Parliament on July 1, 2005. Prior to this, it was part of the larger Mubende District. This district is situated in the Central Region of Uganda.

The administrative boundaries of the Mityana District Local Government encompass neighboring districts which include Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Kasanda, Nakaseke, Wakiso, Mpigi, and Mubende. The District Headquarters are situated in the Mityana Municipality at Kunywa, approximately 73 kilometers west of Kampala, the capital city.

In terms of geography, the Mityana District spans a total area of 14,597.85 hectares. Of this, 9.49 percent is occupied by water bodies and wetlands. The remainder of the area is characterized by tropical high forests, woodlands, bushland, farmland, and developed areas.

In terms of administrative organization, the Mityana District Local Government is made up of two Counties: Mityana and Busujju. The District also includes the following sub-counties: Ssekanyonyi, Namungo, Bulera, Kikandwa, Butayunja, Kakindu, Maanyi, Kalangaalo, Bbanda, and Malangala. The town councils within the district are Busunju, Ssekanyonyi, Zigoti, and Bbanda Town Council.

Religiously, a majority of the district’s population identifies as Catholic, comprising 47% of the population. This is followed by Anglicans at 44% and Muslims at 19%. Other religious groups include Seventh-Day Adventists, Pentecostals, and practitioners of indigenous religions.

Ethnically, the Baganda are the predominant group, accounting for 78% of the district’s population. This is followed by the Banyarwanda at 10%, Banyankole and Banyoro at 3%, Bakiga at 2%, Bafumbira at 1%, and a diverse range of 55 other tribes making up 13%.

The district’s climate is influenced by its high altitude, with average annual temperatures ranging from 17.2 to 29 degrees Celsius. It receives rainfall throughout the year, with peak rainfall occurring in March, April, November, and September. The average annual rainfall is 99mm, influenced by the sun’s overhead path at the equator. Outside these peak periods, the district experiences a dry season with minimal rainfall.

The current population of the district is projected to be approximately 400,000, reflecting a high rate of population growth.

Secondary Schools in Mityana District

A Chance for Children Vocation
Bujubi Secondary School
Busujju Secondary School
Central College Mityana
Hillside Secondary School
Kakindu Parents Vocational & Secondary School
Kalangaalo Secondary School
Katakala School of Science & Technology
Kiggwa Senior Secondary School
King Faizo Bbuye Islamic Secondary School
Kiryokya Progressive Secondary School
Kiwawu Secondary School
Mityana College, Kikumbi
Mityana Modern Secondary School
Mityana Secondary School
Mityana Standard Secondary School
Mityana Town Secondary School
Mityana Trinity College
Naama Secondary School
Nabbunga Parents Secondary School
Nakwaya Secondary School
Namutamba High School
Namutamba secondary School
Pride Secondary School
Real College Busunju
Real Giant High School
Sekanyonyi Secondary School
Ssemu Secondary School
Ssingo Secondary School
St. Ambrozio Secondary School, Kyengeza
St. Elizabeth Girls School
St. Francis Secondary School, Busujju
St. Henry Secondary School Misigi Lake View
St. John Secondary School Buyambi
St. Joseph Naama Modern secondary School
St. Joseph Secondary School Kakindu
St. Jude Ss, Mityana
St. Kizito Bukalammuli Secondary School
St. Kizito High School, Bethany
St. Kizito Secondary School, Bbanda
St. Peter Secondary Schoo, Busuubizi
St. Thereza Secondary School
St. Titus Secondary School
Talents Secondary School
Township Secondary Schools Mityana
Zigoti Secondary School