Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

Kampala District is found in the Buganda Sub-Region of Central Uganda. The district has 9 sub-counties, 98 Parishes and 799 villages. The District has over 1687 schools currently with 746 Nursery Schools, 681 Primary Schools, 149 Secondary Schools, 5 Btvet Schools, 99 Tertiary Schools, 2 Teachers College Schools, 1 International Schools and 2 Special Needs Schools.

Nursery Schools

Acorn Intrenational School
African Bright Children Nursery School
African Child Zoo Nursery School
Africana Junior Nursery School
Afro Preparatory School
Agape Kindergarten Centre
Agape Nursery School
All Saints Christian Kindergarten
All Saints Junior School
Alpha & Omega Day & Boarding Nursery School
Alpha Kindergarten & Day Care Nursery School
Alundentono Nursery School
Amazing Grace Nursery School
Amca Pre-school And Daycare
Antioch Nursery School
Applekids Nursery & Day Care Centre
Arise & Shine Nursery School
Asifiwe International Academy
Aunt Anna Mother Care Nursery School
Aunt Carol Infant School
Aunt Milly Nursery School
Awayoto Junior School
Awesome Nursery School
Baby Jesus Nursery School
Balamory International Nursery School
Bbina Islamic Nursery School
Bbunga Hill Nursery School
Bean Stalk Daycare Nursery School
Bethel Emma Nursery School
Bethel Kindergarten
Bethel Nursery School
Better For Kids Academy Mbuya
Big Bear Kindergarten Nursery School
Bilal Islamic Nursery School
Biotec Nursery School
Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Nursery School
Bishop Hannington Memorial Nursery School
Blessed Child Nursery School
Blessed Kindergarten And Daycare
Blessed Kindergaten Nursery School
Blessed Nursery School
Blessed Parents Nursery School
Blessing Nursery School
Blue Bells Kindergarten Nursery School
Blue Dales Kindergarten Nursery School
Brain Tree Nursery School
Brasah Nursery School
Brentwood School
Bridge Way North Nursery School
Bright Adams Kindergaten
Bright Angels Nursery School
Bright Angels Salaama Nursery School
Bright Children Nursery School
Bright Community Nursery School
Bright Family Nursery School
Bright Future Nursery School
Bright Future Nursery School
Bright Future Nursery School
Bright Junior School-nakawa
Bright Lillies Nursery School
Bright Minds Nursery School
Bright Sparkers Nursery School
Brook Foundation Nursery School
Buds To Blossom Snec Ltd
Bugolo Nursery School
Bukoto Nursery School
Bunga Preparatory Nursery School
Bunny Kindergarten Nursery School
Buraaq Nursery School
Busega Preparatory Nursery School
Busy Bee Kindergarten Nursery School
Busy Bugs Kindergaten
Busytots N & Day Care
Bwaise Parents Nursery School
Bypass Standard Nursery School
Calvary Nursery School
Cambridge Kindergaten Nursery School
Cardinal Nsubuga Nursery School
Care Infant Nursery School
Central Standard Moslem School
Cherubs Preparatory Nursery School
Child Promotion School
Childcare Nursery School
Christ Care Kindergarten Nursery School
Christ The King Nursery School
Chum International School Datcare & Play Centre
Cilia Nursery School
Cinderella Daycare Nursery School
Circle Of Peace Nursery School
Citizen Parents Nursery School
City Centre Nursery School
City Junior Nursery School
City Nursery School
City Quality Nursery School
City Quality Nursery School
Cityview International Nursery School & Daycare
Classic Nursery School
Cleveland Hill Nursery School
Clevers Origin Junior School
Clevers Origin Junior School
Comfort Nursery School
Community Nursery School
Cornerstone Community Nursery School
Cornerstone Parents Nursery School
Covenant Infant School
Creamsite Nursery School
Creative Infants Nursery School
Crescent Nursery School
Crested Crane Education Services
Crown Kindergarten Nursery School
Crown Nursery School
Crystal Nursery School
Dade Nursery School
Daffodils Kindergarten Nursery School
Dannies Infant Nursery School
Delhi Public School-international
Destiny Infants’ Nursery School
Destiny Junior School
Destiny Nursery School
Det-stars Nursery School
Dexter Kindergarten & Day Care
Dick And Jane Nursery School
Dinadona Preparatory Nursery School
Disney Kindergarten And Daycare Centre
Divine Academy
Divine Kids Kindergarten Nursery School
Divine Kids Nursery School
Divine Mercy Day Care & Nursery School
Divine Mission Nursery School
Divine Tubbies Nursery School
Drizzles Kindergaten Nursery School
Eaglet’s Nursery School
Early Explorers Kindergarten Nursery School
Earnest Early Childhood Development Centre
Eben Junior School
Ebenezer Children’s Hope Nursery School
Ebenezer Junior School
Ebenezer Nursery School
Ecole Francaise Les Grands Lacs
Edmon Day Care & Nursery School
Edna Pre School
El Hannora Christian Pre-school
El-shaddai Community Nursery School
El-shaddai Infant Nursery School
Elton Infant School
Elyon Kindergarten Nursery School
Emen Memorial Nursery School
Emmanuel Nursery School
Epitome Kindergarten Nursery School
Equator Nursery School
Equatoria Kindergarten Nursery School
Ereonah Daycare Nursery School
Ericlo Nursery School
Erina Bright Nursery School
Eunice Kindergarten Nursery School
Exodus N & Primary School
Fairchild Preparatory Nursery School
Fairlawns Christian Nursery School
Family Kindergarten Nursery School
Family Preparatory Nursery School
Fatima Preparatory And Day Care Nursery School
Favor Nursery School
Favour Infants Nursery School
First Step Nursery School
Flagdene Nursery School
Flomasa Kindergarten & Daycare Centre
Flying Kites And Kindergaten & Daycare
Focus Nursery School
Fountain Grammar Nursery School
Fratam Junior School
Friday Night Church (fnc) Academy
Friends International Christian Academy
Galilees Pre-school
Ge-sar Preparatory School
Genesis Nursery School
Gesam Daycare & Kindergarten
Geshibon Christian School
Ggaba Demonstration Nursery School
Ggaba Model Nursery School
Giggles Kindergaten & Daycare Centre
Global Nursery School
Glorious Bright Future Nursery School
Glorious Daycare And Nursery School
Glory Education Centre
God Cares Nursery School
God Is Real Nursery School
God’s Covenant Nursery School
God’s Flowers Nursery School
God’s Glory Kindergarten
God’s Glory Nursery School
God’s Love Junior School
God’s Will Nursery School
Godwins Nursery School
Golden Bells Nursery School
Golden Gate Nursery School
Golden Junior School
Golden Stars Kindergaten
Gona Memorial Infants Nursery School
Good Day Nursery School
Good Hope Infant Nursery School
Good Hope Kindergaten Nursery School
Good Mother Kindergarten
Good Mother Nursery School
Good Sherpherd Child Centre
Good Sherpherd Nursery School
Good Start Kindergarten
Good Times Infant Nursery School
Good Times Nursery School
Good Will Preparatory Nursery School
Goodtime Infants School
Grace Kindergarten Nursery School
Grace Nursery School
Grace Of Lord Infants Nursery School
Grace Project Pre-school & Daycare
Grand Spey Nursery School
Great Valley Children’s Centre
Greater Evangelism Nursery School
Green Valley Nursery School Masanafu
Green View Nursery School
Greendale Kindergarten
Greenhill Nursery School
Guiding Star Nursery School
Haggai Nursery School
Half London N & Primary School
Happy Days Kindergarten Nursery School
Happy Days Kindergarten Nursery School
Happy Hands Nursery School
Happy Hours Infant Nursery School
Happy Year Nursery School
Hasaya Junior School
Havard Kids School
Hawn Kindergarten School
Hidden Treasure Nursery School
Hikmat Infant School
Hill Preparatory Nursery School
Hills Nursery School
Hillstone Nursery School
His Grace Kindergarten Nursery School
His Grace Nursery School
His Grace Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Honey Bears Pre Nursery School
Honey Suckle Kindergarten
Hope Educational Centre Nursery School
Hope Infants Nursery School
Hope Nursery School
Hormisdallen Nursery School
Ibun Abbaass Nursery School
Imani Junior Nursery School
Immaculate Heart Nursery School
Infant Field Pre-school
Innerman Preparatory Nursery School
Jack And Jill Nursery School
James & Solome Daycare & Nursery School
Jeho Land Junior Academy
Jeje Nursery School
Jena Foundation Nursery School
Jerusalem International Nursery School
Join Us Education Centre
Jojana Nursery School
Jolly And Lowly
Jolly Angels Early Childhood Development
Jolly Kids Junior Nursery School
Jolly Modern Infant School
Jolly Nursery School
Jolly Tots Kindergarten & Daycare
Joy Nursery School
Jrj Jolly Angels Kindergarten
Junior Best Kindergaten
Kabalagala Parents Nursery School
Kabowa C.o.u Nursery School
Kabowa Central Nursery School
Kabowa Hidayat Islamic Nursery School
Kabowa Parents Nursery School
Kairos Nursery School
Kalinaabiri Nursery School
Kampala Academy Nursery School
Kampala Diplomatic School
Kampala Hill Academy
Kampala International Nursery School
Kampala Junior Academy Childhood Centre
Kampala Kindergarten Nursery School
Kampala Model Nursery School
Kampala Parents Nursery School
Kampala Quality Kindergarten
Kansanga Hill Nursery School
Kansanga Kcca Nursery School
Kansanga Parents Nursery School
Kantanya Church Of Uganda Nursery School
Kasana Infant Nursery School
Kasasa Brilliant Junior School
Kasasa Junior Nursery School
Kasubi C/u Nursery School
Kasubi Family Nursery School
Kasubi Progressive Nursery School
Katanga Community School
Katwe Martyrs Nursery School
Katwe Noor Islamic Nursery School
Kawaala Junior Stars Nursery School
Kawaala Nursery School
Kawala Uptodate Nursery School
Kawempe Decorous Nursery School
Kawempe Mbogo Muslim Nursery School
Kawempe Modern Nursery School
Kawempe Muslim Nursery School
Kawuku Parents Nursery School
Kazo Islamic Centre
Kcc Busega Community Nursery School
Kcca Kamwokya Pre Nursery School
Keen Kiddles Nursery School
Kibuli Islamic Nursery School
Kibuli Kindergaten Nursery School
Kibuli Model Infant Nursery School
Kibuli Muslim Nursery School
Kibuli Nursery School
Kibuye Junior Nursery School
Kibuye Parents Nursery School
Kiddawalime Preparatory Nursery School
Kiddies Club Kindergarten & Daycare
Kids’ World Nursery School
Kigoowa Infants Nursery School
Kigoowa Parents Nursery School
Kinderkare Pre School
Kinderkare Preparatory Nursery School
Kinderville Preparatory School
King Arthur Academy
King Fahad Islamic Nursery School
King Of Kings Nursery School
King’s Vine Day Care & Nursery School
Kingdom Stars Nursery School
Kings And Queen Inafant School
Kings Nursery School
Kiriba Edda Nursery School
Kiro Ndeeba Preparatory School
Kirombe Infants Nursery School
Kisaasi Nursery School
Kissfur International Pre/kindergarten & Day Care Centre
Kisugu C/u Nursery School
Kisugu Islamic Nursery School
Kisugu Preparatory Nursery School
Kisuule Nursery School
Kiswa Nursery School
Kitara Junior School
Kitebi Nursery School
Kiti Muslim Nursery School
Kitintale Madrasatil Nursery School
Kiwatule Parents Preparatory Nursery School
Kiwuliriza Nursery School
Kiyanja Nursery School
Kiyindi Foundation Nursery School
Konge Parents Nursery School
Krystal Tots Kindergarten
Kulambiro Nursery School
Kulembera Muslim Nursery School
Kulumba Nursery School
Kuteesa Nursery School
Kyambogo Model Daycare Nursery School
Kyanja Junior Nursery School
Kyanja Muslim Nursery School
Kyanja View Nursery School
Kyebando Progressive Kindergarten Nursery School
Lady Bird Early Learning Daycare Centre
Lady D International Kindergarten
Lady Sarah Nursery School
Law And Joy Nursery School
Learn And Play Kindergarten Nursery School
Leatic Kindergaten
Letsplay Kindergaten
Liahona Junior School
Life Care Nursery School
Little Angels Nursery School
Little Beetles Kindergarten Nursery School
Little Cranes Montessori Kindergarten
Little Cranes Montessori Kindergarten Nursery School
Little Hands Kindergarten Nursery School
Little Heroes Nursery School
Little Oaks Pre School
Little Ones Kindergaten Nursery School
Little Sailors Kindergaten & Day Care Centre
Little Stars And Treasures Day Care Nursery School
Little Stars Day Care & Kindergarten Centre
Little Stars Infant Nursery School
Little Stars Nursery School
Little Stars Tenderness Nursery School
Living Grace Nursery School
Love And Care Min Children Centre
Lower Nsooba Nursery School
Lubiri Nabagereka Primary School
Lubya Community Nursery School
Lugoba Parent’s Nursery School
Lugogo Nursery School
Lungujja Model Nursery School
Lungujja Progressive Nursery School
Luwafu Junior Kindergarten Nursery School
Luzira Hill Parents Nursery School
Luzira Kindergarten Centre Nursery School
Mackay Memorial Nursery School
Maisarah Islamic Nursery School
Makamu Junior School
Makerere Green Dale Nursery School
Makerere Nursery School
Makindye Citizens’ Preparatory Nursery School
Makindye Junior Academy Nursery School
Makindye Mothercare Kindergarten Nursery School
Mamita Standard Nursery School
Maranatha Christian Nursery School
Margaret Foundation Nursery School
Mariam Infant Nursery School
Marigolds Early Learning Centre
Masanafu Church Of Uganda Nursery School
Mawanda Road Kindergarten Nursery School
Maxon Kindergarten
Mbogo Grammar Kindergarten Nursery School
Mbuya Nursery School
Mengo Noor Community Based Centre
Merowa Junior Academy Nursery School
Merryland Infant Nursery School
Merryland Kindergaten And Day Care Centre
Miles & Smiles Nursery School
Military Police Nursery School
Millies Kindergarten And Day Care Centre
Minaka Kindergarten Nursery School
Mirembe  nursery School
Mirembe Nursery School
Modern Times Pre-primary School
Modern Tots Early Learning Centre
Momi Momi Nursery School
Monnarich Nursery School
Moonlight Junior School
Morning Glory Nursery School
Mosa Pre-school
Mother Ann Nursery School
Mother Bear Junior School
Mother Goose Nursery School And Daycare
Mother Kevin Nursery School
Mother Mary Daycare & Nursery School Ltd
Mothercare Infant School
Motherwell Joyous Angels Nursery School
Motrher Ken Kindergaten
Mpererwe Nursery School
Mugwanya Infants Nursery School
Mulindwa Nursery School
Mummy’s Pride Nursery School
Mummys Happiness Nursery School
Mums Den Montessori Day Care Centre
Muniirah Junior School
Munyonyo Parents Kindergarten Nursery School
Murchison Bay Naome Froese Church Of God Nursery School
Mustard Seed Nursery School
Muteesa Ii Memorial Nursery School
Mutundwe Nursery School
Mutungo Victory Nursery School
Muvule Nursery School
Muweesi Junior School
Muyenga Academy Nursery School
Mwana Kindergarten Nursery School
Mwebaza Classic Nursery School
Nabulagala Kindergarten Nursery School
Naguru Infant Nursery School
Naguru Katali Nursery School
Naguru Parents Nursery School
Najjanakumbi Y.c.s Nursery School
Nakinyuguzi Parents’ Nursery School
Nakivubo Kindergarten
Nakivubo Nursery School
Namirembe Hill Nursery School
Namirembe Infants Nursery School
Namirembe Parents’ Nursery School
Namungoona Parents Junior School
Namutebi Nkata Nursery School
Namuwongo Little Angels Nursery School
Nateete Junior Preparatory Nursery School
Nateete Modern  nursery School
Nateete Muslim Nursery School
Nateete Pre-paratory
New African Child Nursery School
New Age Nursery School
New Angels Nursery School
New Ark Nursery School
New Chapter Kindergarten Nursery School
New Friendly Nursery
New Kabale Nursery School
New Kitebi Model School
New Makerere Hill Kindergarten Nursery School
New Planet Nursery School
New Top Hill Nursery School
New Valley Nursery School
Newway Hill School
Nicolette Nursery School
Nkere Infant Nursery School
Noble Care Nursery School
Noble’s Nursery School
Noor-din Nursery School
Nsambya Junior Nursery School
Nsambya Police Barracks Nursery School
Nsangi Nursery School
Ntinda Infants Nursery School
Ntinda Nursery School
Ntinda View Nursery School
Oak Basic Nursery School
Olympic Nursery School
Our Lady Of Fatima Nursery School
Our Lady Of Fatima Preparatory & Nursery School
Our Lady Of Lourdes Infant Nursery School
Our Mother Nursery School
Outspan Nursery School
Parent’s Hope School
Parenting Uganda Nursery School
Paretntal Care Preparatory Nursery School
Patience Nursery School
Peak Kindergarten
Peek Aboo Kindergaten Nursery School
Penstar Day & Boarding Nursery School
Perussiah Nursery School
Pic-hill Kindergarten Nursery School
Planet Kindergarten
Plato Children School
Police Children Nursery School
Police Children Nursery School
Potter’s House Nursery School
Pre School Express And Daycare Centre Pre Nursery School
Precious Hours Infant Nursery School
Precious Ones Day Care And Kindergarten Nursery School
Precious Princess Kindergarten & Day Care
Presbyterian Missionary Nursery School
Pretty Angels Nursery School
Pride Infant Nursery School
Prime Educare Centre
Prince Of Peace Infant
Public Trust Nursery School
Pure Hearts Cradle Kindergarten Nursery School
Quality Education Nursery School
Quality International Nursery School
Quality Nursery School
Queen Ann Nursery School
Queen Of Angels
Queen Starts Kindergarten School
Quentin Junior School
Raayat Islamic Early Childhood Development
Railway Kindergarten Nursery School
Rainbow House Daycare And Kindergarten
Rainbow Infants Nursery School
Ravens Kindergarten And Daycare
Real Infant Nursery School
Real Vine Kindergarten Nursery School
Red Hamisha Needy Nursery School
Red Rock Kindergarten Nursery School
Rev John Nursery School
Rhema Green School
Rhema Nursery School
Rich Dad Junior School
Ridgeway Grammar Nursery School
Ridgeway Kindergarten Nursery School
Rijjojo Infant School
Rita Education Centre
Robana Day Care Centre & Nursery School
Rock Foundation Nursery School
Rock Nursery & Day Care Centre
Rock Of Joy Nursery School
Ronah Infant Nursery School
Rosa Kindergarten Nursery School
Rovi Kindergarten Nursery School
Royal Hope Academy Nursery School
Royal Ville Academy
Rubaga Community Nursery School
S.w.winyi Nursery School
Saaba Infant Nursery School
Safari Kindergarten
Safeway Nursery School
Salaama Road Nursery School
Samsung Nursery School
Sancta Maria Preparatory Nursery School
Sanyu Infant Nursery School
Sanyu Kindergarten Nursery School
Saudah Nursery School
Savannah Kindergarten Nursery School
Seers Nursery School
Seers Nursery School Kisaasi
Senteza Nursery School
Serina Nursery School
Shalom Day Care & Nursery School
Shammah Academy
Shammah Junior School
Shammah Kindergaten Nursery School
Shammah Nursery School
Shanaj Nursery School
Sherpherds Grammer Nursery School
Shimoni Nursery School
Shine Around City Care Nursery School
Sideview Nursery School
Silver Junior School
Silver Spoon Nursery School
Simeka Junior Nursery School
Sky Light Nursery School
Smart Toddlers Kindergarten
Smarties Early Childhood Development Centre
Soaring Eagle Day Care & Nursery School
Special Care Kindergarten Nursery School
Speedway Nursery School
Spire Junior School
Springs Kindergarten & Daycare Centre
Springs Of Joy Nursery School
Sr. Miriam Duggan Nursery School
St Francis Superior School
St Kizito Junior Nursery School
St Mary`s Nursery School
St Mbaga Tuzinde Kiwatule Nursery School
St. Alex Pre Primary School
St. Andrew Kaggwa Nursery School
St. Andrews Nursery School
St. Andrews Nursery School
St. Angella Nursery School
St. Anthony Education Services
St. Anthony Kigoowa Nursery School
St. Anthony’s Day Care & Nursery School
St. Antonio’s Junior School
St. Antonius Pre School
St. Augustine Nursery School
St. Balikuddembe Nursery School
St. Barnabas Infants Nursery School
St. Benedict Nursery School
St. Cecilia Nursery School
St. Charles Lwanga Nursery School
St. Claver Nursery School
St. Francis Children’s Centre
St. Francis Preparatory And Day Care Centre
St. Gertrude Nursery School
St. Henry’s Nursery School
St. James Academy Mixed Nursery School
St. James Early Childhood Development Centre Bbiina
St. John Junior
St. John’s Hill Nursery School
St. Joseph Nursery School
St. Joseph Pilot Nursery School
St. Joseph’s Nursery School
St. Kizito Busega Nursery School
St. Kizito Nursery School
St. Lawrence Nursery School
St. Luke Nursery School
St. Maria Parents Nursery School
St. Mark Nursery School
St. Martin Mulago Nursery School
St. Martin Nursery School
St. Paul Nursery School
St. Paul’s Kindergarten Nursery School
St. Paul’s Kyebando C.o.u Nursery School
St. Peters Nursery School
St. Peters Nursery School
St. Ponsiano Nursery School
St.syliva Nursery School
Stallions Nursery School
Star Nursery School
Stella Maris Day Care Nursery School
Step By Step Nursery School
Stepping Stone Academy
Summer Junior School
Sun Rise Nursery School
Sunlight Nursery School
Sunrise Infant Day Care And Nursery School
Sunset Junior School
Sunshine Kindergarten Makers
Superior Kindergarten Nursery School
Sure Start Kindergarten And Pre School
Sure Steps Daycare And Kindergarten
Swan Academy Nursery School
Sweet Kids Junior Nursery School
Taibah Junior School
Takuba Nursery School
Tara Nursery School
Teletubbies Infant School
Tender Age Foundation Nursery School
Tendercare Kindergarten Nursery School
Terra Nova Academy Preparatory Nursery School
Testimonies Nursery School
The Eagles Kindergarten Nursery School
The English Preparatory Nursery School
The Fields Cim Kindergaten & Daycare Centre
The Hidden Treasure Nursery School
The Play Den Nursery School
The Shepherd Infant Destiny School
The Stars Kindergarten Nursery School
The Wisdom Nursery School
Thumbelina Day Care And Nursery School
Tik Junior School
Tina Nursery School
Tiny Trophies Nursery School & Day Care
Topcare Education Services
Train Up A Child Nursery School
Treasure Christian School
Treasured Kids Kindergarten Nursery School
Tree Shade Nursery School
Trinity Childrens Centre
Trinity Family Nursery School
Trinity Love School
Tripple H Nursery School
Triumph Nursery School
Trust In God Early Childhood Development Centre
Ttula Nursery School
Twin Care Foundation School
Twinkle Stars Kindergaten Nursery School
Twins Junior School
Twins Nursery School
Ubaida Islamic Centre
Uganda Martyrs Nursery School
Uganda Martyrs Nursery School
Uganda Martyrs Nursery School
Uganda Youthaid Nursery School
Uncle Iga Nursery School
Unique Future Nursery School
Unique Model Infant Nursery School
United Apostolic Nursery School
Up Next Kindergarten Nursery School
Valley Kindergarten
Valley Kindergarten Nursery School
Valley View Nursery School
Verina Little Learners
Victor Nursery School
Victorious Kindergarten Nursery School
Victorious Nursery School
Victory Infant Nursery School
Victory Intergrated Nursery School
Victory Junior School
Victory Kindergateen & Day Care
Victory Nursery Sch
Vision View Community Nursery School
Volcano Nursery School
Wabigalo C.o.u Nursery School
Wandegeya Muslim Nursery School
Warid Junior School
Watch Us Grow Daycare Centre
Waterford Nursery School
Waterford Nursery School
Wheeling Preparatory Centre
Wilma Pre School & Kindergarten
Wings Of Faith Nursery School
Winsam Kindergarten Nursery School
Winston Standard Nursery School
Winterland Nursery School
Wisdom Day Care & Infant Nursery School
Wisdom Junior School
Wisdom Nursery School
Wisdom Nursery School
Wonder World Junior Nursery School
Wonderland Pre-school And Daycare
Yudesi Nursery School
Zoelife Kindergaten

Primary Schools

Abdul Karim Sentamu Islamic Primary School
Achievers Junior School
Acorns Infants School
African Child
African Child Primary School 2000
Africana Junior Primary School – Wankulukuku
Aidan Primary School
Al- Shaddai Infant School
All Saints Christian School
All Saints Junior School
Alpha & Omega Primary School
Alund’entono Primary School
Amka Clasic Primary School
Antioch Primary School
Apcd Intergrated Academy
Asifiwe International Academy
Aunt Carol Primary School
Aunt Milly Primary School – Kazo
Baby Jesus
Banunule Primary School
Bashers Junior School
Bat Valley Primary School
Bbc Primary School
Bbiina Islamic Primary School
Bbunga Hill Primary School
Bethel – Ema
Bethel Primary School
Bilal Islamic Primary School
Biotec Primary School
Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School
Bishop Hanington Memorial School
Blessed Child Primary School
Blessed Parents School
Blessed Primary School
Blessing Primary School
Brain Tree Primary School
Brasah Primary School
Bright Adams Junior School
Bright Angels Junior School – Luzira
Bright Angels Primary School
Bright Angles Education Centre
Bright Children Primary School
Bright Community Primary School
Bright Family School
Bright Future Academy Primary School
Bright Future Children’s Centre Primary School
Bright Future Primary School
Bright Future Primary School
Bright Infant School – Kinawataka
Bright Junior  school
Bright Lillies Primary School
Bright Trust Primary School – Muntundwe
Brook Fountain Primary School
Buganda Road Primary School
Bugolo Junior School
Bukasa Primary School
Bukoto Community Primary School
Bukoto Muslim Primary School
Bunga Primary School
Buraaq Primary School
Busega Miracle Orphanage
Busega Preparatory Primary School
Buziga Hill Primary School
Bwaise Parents Primary School
By-pass Standard primary School
C & L Primary School
Calvary Primary School
Cardinal Nsubuga Primary School
Cardinal Nsubuga Primary School
Cecilia & Paul Learning Centre
Central Community School
Central Standard
Child Promotion Primary School
Childrens Corner
Christ The King Primary School
Chum Internaional School
Cilia Junior Primary School
Cinderella Primary School
Circle Of Peace School
Citizen Parents Primary School
City Centre Primary School
City Junior
City Junior Primary School
City Parents
City Primary School
City Quality Primary School
City Quality School
City View Primary School
Claremont Primary School
Cleveland Hill Primary School
Clevers Origin
Clevers Origin Junior School
Community Primary School – Kalerwe
Cornerstone Community Primary School
Cornerstone Primary School
Covenant Infant School
Covenant Junior School Mengo
Cradle Land Junior School
Crane Education Centre
Cream Light Junior School
Creamsite Primary School
Creative Infants Primary School
Cresent Primary School
Crested Crane Education Services
Crown Junior School
Crown Primary School
Crystal Junior School
Daffodils Primary School
Dannies Junior School
Delhi Public School
Destiny Infants Primary School
Destiny Junior School
Destiny Junior School
Det-stars Primary School
Dignity International School
Dinadona Primary School
Discovery Primary School
Disdney Primary School
Divine Junior School Kawempe
Divine Mission Junior School
Divine Primary School
Divine Purpose Junior School
Eaak Primary School
Eaglets Primary School
Earnest Primary School
East Kololo Primary School
Eben Junior School
Ebenezer Children’s Hope Primary School
Ebenezer Junior School
Ebenezer Primary School
Ecole Francaise Les Grands Lacs Primary School
Edinance School – Kyebando
Edmon P.
Edna Primary School
Elyon Kindergarten & Primary School
Emen Memorial School
Erina Bright School
Excel Education Centre
Exodus Primary School
Faiha Primary School
Faith Primary School
Faithfully Naturing Children
Family Primary School
Favour Infant School
First Step Primary School
Flagdene School
Focus Primary School
Fratam Junior School
Friends Christian International Academy
Friends Primary School
Gaba Model Primary School
Galiee Junior School
Genesis Primary School - mutungo
Gershibon Christian School
Ggaba Dem School
Global Primary School
Glorious Bright Future Primary School
Glory Education Centre
Glory Junior School
God Cares Primary School
God Is Able Primary School
God’s Glory Primary School
God’s Glory Primary School
God’s Will Primary School
Gods Covennant Primary School
Godwins Primary School
Golden Gate Primary School
Golden Stars Primary School
Golden Times Primary School
Good Day Primary School
Good Hope P.2 – Nabulagala
Good Mother Primary School
Good Samaritan Primary School
Good Sheperd Primary School
Good Shepherd primary School
Good Start Primary School
Good Time Infant School
Good Times Kawaala
Good Times Primary School
Goowill Preparatory School
Grace Of Lord Infant School
Grace Primary School
Grace Primary School
Grand Spey Primary School
Grapa Parents Junior School
Great Valley Primary School
Greater Evangelism Primary School
Green Valley Primary School
Green View Primary School
Greenhill Junior Academy
Guiding Star Primary School
Half London Primary School
Happy Days Quality School
Happy Junior School Kabowa
Happy Years Primary School
Hasaya Junior School
Heritage International School
Hidden Treasures Primary School
Hill Preparatory Primary School
Hilstone Primary School
His Grace Kanyanya
His Grace Primary School – Kanyanya
Holy Family Primary School
Hope Educational Center
Hope Infant School
Hope Primary School – Kawaala
Hope Primary School – Masanafu
Hormisdallen Primary School
Hormisdallen Primary School
Hosanna Primary School
Ibun Abass Nursery & Primary School
Imani Primary School
Immacute Heart
Innerman Primary School
Jace Primary School
Jack & Jill Primary School
Jaffery N & Primary School
Jeholand Junior Academy
Jeje Primary School
Jenef Primary School
Join Us Education Centre
Jojana Primary School
Jolly & Lowly Primary School
Jolly Kids Junior School
Jolly Primary School
Joy Primary School
Joy Tots Academy
Jussam Primary School
K.c.c Busega Community  primary School
Kabalagala Parents Primary School
Kabalega Primary School
Kabojja Junior School
Kabowa Central
Kabowa Cou
Kabowa Hidayat
Kabowa Parents Primary School
Kairos Primary School
Kalinaabiri Primary School
Kampala Academy Primary School
Kampala Diplomatic School
Kampala Hill Academy
Kampala International School (kisu)
Kampala Model primary School
Kampala Parents School
Kampala Primary School
Kampala Pupils Primary School
Kampala Quality Primary School
Kampala School For The Phsically Handicap
Kamwokya Islamic Primary School
Kansanga Hill Primary School
Kansanga Junior Primary School
Kansanga Parents Primary School
Kansanga Primary School
Kanyanya Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kanyanya Junior Primary School
Kanyanya Primary School
Kasana Primary School
Kasasa Junior School
Kasubi Children’s Centre
Kasubi Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kasubi Family Primary School
Kasubi Modern Islamic
Kasubi Progressive Primary School
Katwe Martyrs Primary School
Katwe Noor Islamic School
Katwe Primary School
Katwe United Primary School
Kawaala Junior Stars Primary School
Kawaala Primary School
Kawaala Upto-date Primary School
Kawempe Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kawempe Decorous Primary School
Kawempe Isamic Seminary
Kawempe Mbogo Primary School
Kawempe Mordern
Kawempe Muslim Primary School
Kawthara Bukoto School
Kawuku Parents School
Kazo Islamic Primary School
Kazo Parents School
Kcbi Nursery & Primary School
Kcc Primary School – Kamwokya
Kennedy Prep School
Kibuli Dem School
Kibuli Islamic Primary School
Kibuli Primary School
Kibuye Junior Primary School
Kibuye Parents Primary School
Kibuye Primary School
Kiddawalime Primary School
Kids World N & Primary School
Kigoowa Infants
Kigoowa Parents School
Kinderkare Elementary School
King Fahad Islamic Primary School
King Of Kings Junior School
Kingdom Stars
Kings & Queens Junior School
Kings Primary School
Kiro Preparatory Primary School
Kirombe Infant Primary School
Kisaasi Primary School
Kisugu Central Primary School
Kisugu Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kisugu Islamic School
Kisugu Preparatory Primary School
Kisuule Primary School
Kiswa Community Primary School
Kiswa Primary School
Kitante Primary School
Kitara Junior School
Kitebi Primary School
Kitende Valley Junior School
Kiti Muslim Primary School
Kitintale  madrasatil Primary School
Kito Pioneer Primary School
Kiwatule Parents Preparatory School
Kiwatule Primary School
Kiwuliriza Community Education Primary School
Kiyanja Primary School
Konge Parents Academy Primary School
Kulambiro Primary School
Kulembera Muslim Primary School
Kyaggwe Road Primary School
Kyambogo Primary School
Kyanja Junior Primary School
Kyanja Muslim School
Kyanja View Primary School
Kyebando Progressive
Lady Sarah Primary School
Law & Joy Primary School
Liahona Junior School
Liberty Education Centre
Life Care Primary School
Lilly Orphanage Primary School
Little Stars Primary School
Littlestars Tenderness Primary School
Living Grace Primary School
Lohana Academy
Lohana Primary School – Old Kampala
Lower Nsooba Primary School
Lubiri Nabagereka
Lubiri Primary School
Lubya Community Primary School
Lugoba Parents Primary School
Lugogo Junior Academy
Lungujja Model Junior School
Lungujja Progressive School
Luwafu Junior School
Luwafu Reformed Primary School
Luzira Church Of Uganda Primary School
Luzira Hill Parents Primary School
Lwagula Mem Primary School
Makamu Junior School
Makerere Parents School
Makerere Primary School
Makerere University Primary School
Makerere West Valley Primary School
Makindye Citizens Primary School
Makindye Junior School
Makindye Mother Care Primary School
Mamita Standard Primary School
Maranatha Christian
Masanafu Cou
Maxon Junior School
Mbogo Parents School
Mbuya Church Of Uganda Primary School
Mengo Noor Primary School
Mengo Primary School
Merowa Junior Academy
Merryland Infant School
Mildcare Parents Primary School
Military Police Primary School
Minaka Primary School
Miracle Destiny School
Mirembe Infant
Mirembe Junior
Mirembe Kibumbiro Primary School
Mirembe Pre
Mirembe Primary School
Mivule Foundation School
Modern Infant
Modern Primary School – Kisaasi
Modern Times Primary School
Moon Light Junior School
Mother Kevin Memorial School – Nsambya
Motherwell Junior School
Mpererwe Primary School
Mt Sinai Primary School
Mt. Carmel – Busega Primary School
Mulago Community Primary School
Mulago Private Primary School
Mulago School For The Deaf
Muniirah Junior School
Munyonyo Parents Primary School
Munyonyo Primary School
Murchison Bay Naome Froese Cog Primary School
Murchison Bay Primary School
Musa Islamic Center
Muslim Girls Primary School
Mustard Seed Primary School
Muteesa Ii Memorial
Mutundwe Cou
Mutundwe Model Primary School
Mutungo Parents School
Mutungo Victory Primary School
Muweesi Junior School
Muyenga Academy Primary School
Mwana Primary School
Mwesigwa Primary School
Naguru Infants School
Naguru Katali Primary School
Naguru Parents Primary School
Najjanankumbi Y.c.s
Nakasero Primary School
Nakinyuguzi Primary School
Nakivubo Primary School
Nakivubo Settlement Primary School
Namirembe Hill Primary School
Namirembe Infant
Namirembe Model school
Namirembe Parents Primary School
Namungoona Kigobe Primary School
Namungoona Orthodox
Namungoona Parents’ Junior School
Namutebi Nkata Primary School
Namuwongo Islamic Primary School
Nateete Mordern Parents School
Natete Mackay Primary School
Natete Muslim
Natete Preparatory
New African Child Primary School Ltd
New Age Primary School
New Ark Junior School
New Ark Primary School
New Bubajjwe Primary School
New Chapter Junior School
New Kabaale Busega
New Kitebi Model School
New Life Time
New Light Parents Primary School
New Makerere Hill School
New Midland Islamic School
New Omega Primary School
New Planet Primary School
New Tophill Primary School
New Valley Primary School
Newway Hill School
Niyyat Infant Primary School
Nkere Infants School
Noble Care Branch – Kawempe
Noble Junior Primary School
Noor Din Islamic Primary School
Nsambya Junior School
Nsambya Police Barracks Primary School
Nsangi Primary School
Ntinda Primary School
Old Kampala Primary School
Old Mulago Primary School
Olympic Parents Primary School
Our Lady Consalanta Infant School
Our Lady Of Fatima
Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School
Outspan Primary School
Parental Care Preparatory School
Parents Hope School
Patience Junior School
Peace Primary School
Peak Primary School
Penstar Primary School
Perussiah Primary School
Pic Hill Primary School
Plato Children Primary School
Police Children Ntinda Primary School
Police Children School
Polyland Junior School
Potters House Primary School
Precious Ones Christian School
Precious Princess Junior Primary School
Presbtyerian Primary School
Pretty Angels
Pride Infant School
Princes Of Peace Primary School
Progressive Junior School
Public Trust Junior Primary School
Quality Education Primary School
Quality Foudation Primary School
Queen Ann Primary School
Queen Of Peace Primary School – Lubaga
Queetin Junior School
Raayat Islamic Primary School
Railway Children Primary School
Rays Of Hope Primary School
Real Primary School
Real Vine Primary School
Red Hamisha Needy Primary School
Red Rock Junior School
Restoratoin Primary School
Rev. John Foundation
Rhema Green Primary School
Rhema Junior School
Rich Dad Junior School
Ridgeway Primary School
Rincoliver Infants School
Rita Education Centre Primary School
Rock Foundation School – Banda
Rock Of Joy Parents Primary School
Ronah Primary School
Rorarick Primary School
Rosa Kindergarten Primary School
Royal Hope Academy
Royal Pride Community
Rubaga Community
S.w.winyi Primary School
Saaba Infant & Primary School
Salama Road Primary School
Samsung Primary School
Sancta Maria Preparatory
Sanyu Infant School
Saudah Primary School
Savanna Primary
Seers Primary School
Seers Primary School
Senteza Primary School
Serina Primary School
Seven Stars Primary School
Shalom Primary School
Shammah Academy
Shammah Primary School
Sharp Infant
Sheehan Standard Primary School
Shepherds Grammar Primary School
Shimoni Demo Primary School
Shine Around Primary School
Shiperoy Primary School
Shoma Christian Academy
Shortland Academy
Sideview Education Centre
Silver Junior School
Silverspoon – Kibuli Primary School
Simeka Junior School
Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School – Mengo
Sir Apollo Kagwa Day And Boarding
Sir Appollo Kaggwa Road Primary School
Sky Light Primary School
Sky Mark – Busega Primary School
Skyline Primary School – Busega
Souvenir Primary School
Special Care Junior School
Spire Junior Primary School
Sr. Miriam Duggan
St Sylvia Primary School
St Theresa Day Care Primary School
St. Agnes Academy
St. Alex Primary School
St. Andrew Masanafu Primary School
St. Andrews Primary School
St. Andrews Primary School
St. Angella Primary School
St. Anthony Primary School – Mutungo
St. Antonio Junior School
St. Augustine Montessori School
St. Augustine Primary School
St. Balikuddembe Primary School
St. Barnabas Infant Primary School
St. Benedict – Makindye Primary School
St. Benedict Primary School – Nalukolongo
St. Catherine Primary School
St. Charles Lwanga Primary School
St. Charles Lwanga Primary School
St. Claver Primary School – Ttula
St. Francis – Ntinda Primary School
St. Francis C.c Primary School
St. Francis Junior Academy
St. Francis Junior School – Nyanama
St. Gertrude N & Primary School
St. Henry Primary School – Kansanga
St. Henry’s – Muyenga Primary School
St. James – Bbina Primary School
St. James Academy Mixed Primary School
St. John Baptist – Kisugu Primary School
St. John Bosco Junior Day & Boarding School
St. Joseph Mapeera Primary School
St. Joseph Pilot Academy
St. Joseph Primary School – Kisugu
St. Josephs Girls’ Primary School – Nsambya
St. Jude – Namungoona Primary School
St. Jude Primary School – Naguru
St. Kizito Kikaaya Junior
St. Kizito Kiribedda
St. Kizito Primary School
St. Kizito Primary School
St. Lawrence – Kigoowa Primary School
St. Luke Primary School – Kanyanya
St. Maria Parents Primary School
St. Mark Primary School
St. Martin Mulago Primary School
St. Martin Primary School – Kulambiro
St. Mary’s – Kibuye Primary School
St. Mary’s Primary School
St. Mary’s Primary School Salaama Rd
St. Mbuga Primary School
St. Paul Banda Primary School
St. Paul’s – Kyebando Church Of Uganda Primary School
St. Paul’s – Nsambya Primary School
St. Peters Primary School – Nsambya
St. Ponsiano – Kyamula
St. Stephen Primary School
Stallions Primary School
Step By Step Infant Primary School
Summer’s Junior School
Summit View Primary School
Sunlight Primary School
Sunrise Infants Primary School
Sunrise Primary School
Sunset Junior School
Taibah Junior School
Takuba Primary School
Tara Primary School
Tender Age Junior School
Tender Care Primary School
The Aga Khan Primary School
The Ark Chrsitian School
The Bright primary School
The Childcare Primary School
The Eaglets Academy – Busega
The Hidden Treasure Primary School
The Hungry Caterpillar Primary School
The Shepherd Infant Destiny Primary School
The Wisdom Primary School
Tik Junior School
Tina Primary School
Top Graded Primary School
Train Up Achild Primary School
Treasured Kids Primary School
Treasures Christian School
Tree Shade Primary School
Trinity Family Primary School
Trinity Junior School
Trinity Love Primary School
Trinity Primary School – Kabowa
Triple H Junior Primary School
Triumph Primary School
Ttula Parents Primary School
Ttula Primary School
Twincare Foundation Primary School
Twins Junior School
Ubaidah Islamic Centre
Uganda Martyrs Junior School
Uganda Martyrs Primary School
Uganda Martyrs Primary School – Rubaga
Uganda School For The Deaf
Uganda Youth Aid Primary School
Uncle Iga Infants Primary School
Unique Model Infant School
United Apostolic Primary School
Up Next Kind Primary School
Upper Prisons Primary School
Vallerian Primary School
Valley View School
Vicross Primary School
Victor Primary School
Victorious Primary School
Victory Intergrated Primary School
Victory Primary School
Victory Primary School
Victory Primary School
Volcano Primary School
Wandegeya Primary School
Warid Junior School
Water Ford Primary School
Waterford Primary
Wheeling Preparatory School
Winston Primary School
Winston St. Ac Najja
Winterland Primary School
Wisdom Junior School
Wisdom Primary School
Wisdom Primary School
Wonder World Junior School
Yudesi Primary School

Secondary Schools

Abubaker Swidiq
Acorns International School
Ahamadiyya Muslim School
Amka Classic School
Baptist High School
Bbiina Islamic Secondary School
Bilal Islamic Secondary Schools.
Bright High School Busega
Bright Way Hill School
Broad Way High
Bugolobi Int’l H/s
Bukoto High School
Bweyogerere High School
Caltec Academy
City High School
City Hill College
City Side College
Concerted College Ntinda
Crane Hill School
Crested Secondary School Luwafu
Delhi Public School
Devine High School
Dignity International School
Eagle’s Nest Secondary School
East High School Ntinda
Eastland High School
Ecole Francaise Les Grands Lacs
Excel Secondary School
Faiha High School
Freedom High School
Friends International Christian Academy
Frima High School
Gadhafi Intergrated Academy
Gayaza Road High School
Gershibon Christian School
Global College
Golden Secondary School
Green Hill Academy School
Green Star High School
Happy Hours Secondary School
Heritage College School
Heritage International School
Highland Secondary Schools.
Kairos High School
Kalinabiri Secondary School
Kampala Apostolic Secondary Sch.
Kampala Citizen College School
Kampala Diplomatic School
Kampala High School
Kampala International School Uganda
Kampala Secondary School
Kampala Standard High School
Kampala Students Ctr Secondary School
Kansanga Secondary School
Kansanga Seed Secondary School
Kasubi Secondary School
Katuuso Community Secondary Schools
Katwe Noor Secondary School
Kawaala  college School
Kawaala High School
Kawempe High School
Kawempe Mbogo Secondary School
Kawempe Muslim Secondary School
Kawempe Standard School
Kibuli Secondary Schools
King Solomon’s College Kyambogo
King Stone High
Kisaasi College School
Kisaasi Muslim Ss
Kitante Hill Secondary School
Kitebi Secondary School
Kitintale Parents Secondary Schools
Kololo High School
Kololo Secondary Schools
Kulumba High School
Kyambogo College School
Lakeside College Luzira
Lazarus High School
Light Africa Secondary School
Lohana High School
Lubiri High School
Luzira Secondary School
Makerere College School
Makerere Day Adult School
Makerere Highway College
Makerere Modern Secondary School
Makindye Parents S S S
Makindye Secondary Schools.
Makindye Trinity Secondary School
Malcolm X Academy
Maranatha High School
Masanafu Secondary School
Mbogo College School
Mbogo High Sc.
Mbuya High School
Mengo Secondary School
Midfield Secondary Schoolool
Mirembe College School
Mulago Secondary School
Nabisunsa Girls School
Naguru High School
Najjanankumbi Young Christian  secondary Schoolool
Nakasero Secondary School
Nakinyuguzi High School
Namungona High School
Naomi Froese Cog High School
Nateete Muslim High School
New Castle High Sch.
New Kabale Busega H/s
New Style Secondary School
Noah S Ark Secondary School
Nsambya Secondary School
Old Kampala Secondary Schools.
Omega College School
Our Lady Seat Fo Wisdom Secondary Schools
Pal And Lisa Ss
Pearl High School
Pimbas  secondary School
Premier High School
Pride Academy Kampala
Progressive Secondary School Kitintale
Rise And Shine High School
Rock Hill Secondary School
Royal College
Samson Memorial High School
St. Catherine College Nakinyuguzi
St. Charles Lwanga
St. Denis  secondary School Ggaba
St. Florence Secondary School
St. Francis Secondary School Kawempe
St. Janan Luwum Secondary School
St. Joseph’s Secondary School Busega
St. Margaret College
St. Mary’s High School
St. Marys Secondary Schools Mutungo
St. Mbuga Vocational Secondary School
St. Peter S Nsambya Secondary School
St. Pius Secondary School
Star Secondary School
Stena Hill School
Strive High School
The Aga Khan High School
Trinity High School
Tropical High
Universal Girls High School
Uphill College Mbuya
Uplands High Sch.
Upper Prison Inmates’ Secondary School
Vision High School Kawempe