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schools in Kalangala District

Kalangala District is found in the Buganda Sub-Region of Central Uganda. The district has 7 sub counties, 17 Parishes and 97 villages. The District has over 56 schools currently with 27 Nursery Schools, 25 Primary Schools, 3 Secondary Schools and 1 Tertiary School.

Nursery Schools

Bridge Of Hope Nursery School
Bubeke Infants School
Bufumira Nursery School
Bukasa Infants Nursery School
Bunyama Nursery School
Busanga Nursery School
Buswa Nursery School
Buwazi Nursery School
Hope Nursery School
Jaana Infant School
Jericho Junior School
Kachanga Nursery School
Kaganda Nursery School
Kalaya Training Centre
Kibaale Nursery School
Kinyamira Nursery School
Kisujju Infant Nursery School
Kitobo Island Infant School
Lake Victoria Education Centre
Lulamba Infant Class
Lwabaswa Nursery School
Mu Nursery School
Nazinga Nursery School
Sserinya Nursery School
St. Kizito Bbeta Nursery School
St. Victor Mulabana Nursery School
Treasures Christian Schools

Primary Schools

Bridge Of Hope Primary School
Bubeke Primary School
Bufumira Primary School
Bukasa Primary School
Bumangi Primary School
Bunyama Primary School
Busanga Primary School
Buswa Parents Primary School
Buwazi Primary School
Bwendero Primary School
Jaana Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kachanga Primary School
Kaganda Learning Centre
Kagulube Primary School
Kasekulo  primary School
Kibaale Primary School
Kibanga Primary School
Kinnyamira Primary School
Kitobo Island Infant & Primary School
Lake Victoria Education Centre
Lulamba Primary School
Lwabaswa Primary School
Mazinga Primary School
St. Kizito Bbeta P.7 Primary School
St. Victor Mulabana Primary School

Secondary Schools

Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga Secondary Schools.
Bukasa Secondary School
Sserwanga Lwanga  memorial Secondary Schools.

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