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About Us

The Jinja Mafubira SACCO also known as JMT was started on 1st June 2020 as a saving & investment scheme by a group of hard working Teachers trained and empowered by KAWA.

Over time, the membership of the saving and investment scheme has grown to accommodate other community members who are actively involved in the activities and programs of education Quality.

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

A JMT Sacco member with a long-life income sources

To Support and mentor 60% of JMT Sacco member to maintain at least two sustainable sources of income by 2025

Core Values

To increasingly teach the members the culture of savings constructively 

Commitment, Humility, Integrity, Operational Efficiency, Customer Focus, Unity

Loans Account


At JMT SACCO we understand that you have dreams and ambitions about improving the quality of your life. We know that you would for example like to buy new furniture or buy a plot of land, fund opportunities or emergencies.

You may also be planning to study for your Masters or parallel degree or any other grand dream you may have. All these dreams need financing to become a reality.

That’s why JMT offers you a Loan account to enable you to fulfill your dreams and live your life to the full.

Categories of Loan Account

Agriculture loan

This Loan product is offered to JMT members who need to boost their farms or to fund agriculture projects. It’s designed to finance business activities in agricultural production, processing, marketing and acquire new machinery.

Business Loan

This Loan product is offered to JMT members who need to boost their businesses. It’s aimed at financing business growth and facilitates business performance for both small and medium Businesses. The member must present business documentation to support loan application.

Contract financing Loan

This Loan product is offered to JMT members who need to fund business contracts.  It enables the member to receive a cash advance on work they are yet to perform. The member must present a contract when applying for this loan and must pay up within a period of six (6) Months.

Personal Loan

This Loan product is offered to JMT members for personal financial emergences. The product offers members an opportunity to improve on their lifestyle, meet their medical needs and accomplish their educational goals leading to Personal Development.

Property Loan

This Loan product is offered to JMT members to acquire property. It’s designed to enable the members buy land, own a home, do construction or buy machinery. The product aims at improving the member’s welfare.


We offer loans to only account holders

Our loans have a reasonable interest rate which is 25% Per Annum calculated on a reducing balance basis

The amount disbursed to a member is 80% of the security they have

Security for the loans is tagged to the member’s savings, shares or guarantor-ship by other member’s savings or shares

Member’s assets for example Land titles can also be used as security for the loans