Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

Guidelines for forming a successful ICT Club in your school.

  • The teacher introduces the idea of the formation of ICT Club to the Headteacher. The Headteacher becomes Patron and the teacher may serve as Assistant
  • Market the idea to all other interested and supportive teachers. This may help in project-based work.
  • Document clearly the aim and objectives and planned activities of the club.
  • Share your club idea back with the school administration including the Board of Governors to seek approval.
  • Develop a work plan/action plan of at least one year and make it available to all members.
  • Convince more students to join.
  • Dissolve the steering committee and elect officials to run the club.
  • Keep club records: minutes, reports, photos, etc.
  • Develop club webpage or blog to share your ideas.
  • Be relevant to your school, community, country, and the world. Align your program to the SDGs.
  • Have activities running at any one time
  • Let all members remain active
  • Keep good record of what you do in the club
  • Work as a team; be supportive and have respect towards each other.
  • Have regular meetings
  • Have clear agenda for your meetings
  • Be good role models in your ICT Department, school and community.
  • Have clear ground rules; aims and objectives; must be well understood by all members; stick to club rules
  • Strive to excel in ICT and Computer Studies
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