Transforming Education Through Technology and Capacity Building

Computers for Schools, Teachers, and Learners

We are thrilled to announce that KAWA has recently begun shipping various technology devices including laptops, desktops, and tablets on a loan basis to schools, school leaders, teachers, and learners. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance educational experiences and bridge the digital divide in our community.

Our distribution methods are flexible to accommodate your financial situations, providing three key approaches:

  1. Direct Purchase: Customers with the financial ability can buy these devices at a reduced cost, offering value for money whilst promoting digital education.
  2. Loan Arrangement: With a down payment of 60% of the device’s price, customers can take their device while the balance is paid over an agreed period. This arrangement is managed through our ‘JM Teachers Saving and Cooperative’ organization. The loan’s payment duration is flexible and negotiable to accommodate your financial capabilities.
  3. School-Based Purchase: Parents have an opportunity to invest in these devices for their children via the school. The device will remain at school until the student completes a specified education cycle, ensuring continuity in digital learning.

In addition to these, every device purchased from KAWA comes loaded with value-added services including:

  • Pre-loaded Digital Content: The devices come with term-specific digital content covering all class levels, promoting seamless learning.
  • Free User Training: We offer free training for users to ensure they can make the most of these technology devices in their teaching or learning.
  • Free Repairs and Updates: We provide free device repair and software updates, guaranteeing your device is always in optimum working condition. For any issues or queries, simply SMS or call the number displayed on the device’s logo.

By choosing KAWA, you are not just investing in a device, but in a comprehensive educational solution that caters to the needs of modern teaching and learning. We look forward to playing a part in shaping a digitally literate generation.

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