Bumayoka Seed Secondary School New Curriculum Implementation, Teaching and Learning Resources, ICT Club, and UCE/UACE Results

Bumayoka Seed Secondary School is a Government Aided Secondary School in Bumayoka, Bududa District, in Uganda.
On this page, you will get the details on Bumayoka Seed Secondary School location, the 2020 UCE exams results, 2020 UACE examinations results, students’ enrollment, Facilities, and school bank details.
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2020 Bududa District UCE Results Breakdown

Schools in Bududa District

Bududa District is a district in Eastern Uganda. Like most other Ugandan districts, it is named after its ‘chief town’, Bududa. Bududa District is bordered by Sironko District to the north, the Republic of Kenya to the east,Manafwa District to the south and Mbale District to the west. The district headquarters at Bududaare located approximately 23 kilometres (14 miRead More…