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Edify – KAWA, NCDC and Stakeholders meeting

September 29


  1. Welcome, and registration of attendees.
  2. Introductory session and setting the day’s expectations.
  3. Presenting an overview of Edify by KAWA and the need for digital content.
  4. Discussions with curriculum experts and NCDC curriculum specialists on the current state and needs of the curriculum.
  5. Feedback and insights from MOES, CT partners, and CSOA.
  6. Input from the proprietors on practical implementation and challenges.
  7. Brainstorming session on content creation and digitization.

Evening – Final Discussion

  • Consolidation of discussions and framing the next steps.
  • Feedback and closure of the meeting.

Tuesday to Thursday – Analysis and Drafting

Tuesday: Conduct internal team discussions to review the feedback and discussions from the meeting.

Wednesday: Start drafting the detailed project plan and curriculum analysis report.

Thursday: Review and refine the draft with input from key team members.

Friday – Finalization and Distribution

  1. Finalize the project plan and curriculum analysis report.
  2. Send the report and plan to all stakeholders for their input and feedback with a deadline for feedback set for the end of Week 1 of October.

Next Step

  1. Collect feedback and make necessary revisions in the first week of October.
  2. Set a timeline for the implementation phase.
  3. Begin content creation and digitization by October’s second week.


September 29