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A. Module One: Teacher Competence in Utilization of Basic ICT Skills to Argument Learning.

November 22 @ 8:00 am - December 2 @ 5:00 pm


Capacity Building Program for Teachers in 19 Primary Schools in Namayingo District.

  1. Module One: Teacher Competence in Utilization of Basic ICT Skills to Argument Learning.

Findings on the ground.

On average 41.6% of respondents have very little or no knowledge in basic ICT including file management, spreadsheet, word processing, slide presentation.

Further, only 6% of them have used online platform for training or learning purposes. The schools also do not have PCs for use in the schools.

However, up to 75% own mobile phones and 92.9% of them reported being proficient in using it for online purposes including on social media site, email and google search engine.

46.3% of the respondents rate their overall knowledge of ICT to be below average and only 4.3% rating themselves as excellent. 72% of the respondents reported need for training in ICT knowledge and skills.


Based on the above analysis, the recommended mode of training is hybrid.

This means designing a one day face-to-face engagement to orientate the participants in a hands-on training to ensure that they know and are familiar with the components of a computer, windows environment, file management, the basic programs to know and be familiar with them, as well as the training platform of KAWA and collaboration tools like zoom, and Google Meet.

This will ensure that the participants have capacity to continue competently on their own in using information technology for further trainings in the other proceeding modules.

The participants will have opportunity to use their own smartphones for the training. This has the added advantage of removing pressure and congestion in using the one installed computer per school for the training program.

Other aspects of the training will be handled remotely, online with the teachers using either their smart phones or the installed computers.

The ICT training skills will be integrated with specific teaching competencies. For instance, researching for information, using conferencing and collaboration tools like zoom and googlemeet. It will also be punctuated by appropriate evaluation methods.

Objective of the module:

By end of the module, participants should:

  1. Be skilled and familiar with windows environment and basic ICT skills
  2. Be able to integrate basic ICT skills in the teaching and learning process using mobile phones and other available ICT tools.
  3. Be able to comfortably and independently use smartphones and the installed computers for participating effectively in the teacher capacity training.


November 22 @ 8:00 am
December 2 @ 5:00 pm