Gulu High School UCE/UACE Results, Location, Facilities, and Enrollment

Gulu High School is implementing an ICT for All-Inclusive Education system caring for Blind students and those with hearing impairments. KAWA through UCC support launched ICT club in the school in 2018. The support to the school continues through our community outreach program.

Gulu High School is a Government Aided Secondary School in Kanyagoga, Gulu Municipal Council, in Uganda. On this page, you will get the details on Gulu High School location, the 2020 UCE exams results, 2020 UACE examinations results, students’ enrollment, Facilities, and school bank details. Note that Gulu High School is registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). Its EMIS code is -.

Gulu High School O and A Level Student Enrollment

Gulu High School has a student enrollment of over 855 students with 795 students in Ordinary Level (O-Level), and 60 students in Advanced Level (A-Level).

Gulu High School Location

Gulu High School institution of learning is located in Gulu Municipal Council -Bar Dege Division, in Kanyagoga ward.

Gulu High School Facilities

Gulu High School is Existing educational institution in Kanyagoga, Gulu Municipal Council, with the following number of Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, and Latrine Stances. Physical Classrooms: 18, Number of Laboratories: 3, Number Libraries: 1, Latrine Stances: 9, Teachers Housing Units: 0

Gulu High School Official Bank Account Details

Current Bank Account Name: Gulu High School, Bank Account Number: 0140086704601, Bank: Stanbic Bank, Branch: Gulu

Gulu High School 2020 UCE and UACE Exam Results

Use the following steps to access the Gulu High School 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education Examination Results (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination Results (UACE).

Procedure to Check the Gulu High School 2020 UCE Results on Mobile Phone using SMS

  1. Get the Gulu High School 2020 Senior 4 (S4) candidate’s UNEB UCE Index Number. E.g U1234/001.
  2. Open your phone’s message (SMS), and type “UCE <space> Index No” e.g. UCE U1234/001
  3. Send the above SMS text to number 6600.
  4. You’ll get an SMS reply with the candidate’s 2020 UCE results.

How to Check the Gulu High School 2020 UCE, UACE, TECH Results Online

1. Visit the UNEB eReg Portal, or type:

Gulu High School 2020 PLE Results Login Page./caption]2. Click on the Login link. (

3. Enter the “Username” and “Password” details (use your login credentials)

4. Move to the Results Page and Enter your index number e.g 123123/001, or UT002/0001, orU1234/501.

5. Then Click on Search. Wait for your results to show up on the next page.

Gulu High School Details Summary

  • Name of School: Gulu High School
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 855
  • School Phone Number: (+256)–
  • School Email Address: —.
  • School Website:
  • Ward/Parish: Kanyagoga
  • SubCounty/Town/Division: Bar Dege Division
  • District/Municipality: Gulu Municipal Council
  • District/Municipality Code: 754- Gulu Municipal Council
  • Country: Uganda


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